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Product Page: New! Boeing 787 Dreamliner Professional Stream Deck Profile

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Professional Series
Introducing the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Professional Series (Asobo, Kuro and Horizon) for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. This exceptionally detailed and meticulously crafted Stream Deck Profile contains hundreds of pre-configured buttons across 13 pages including three overhead panels, EFIS, autopilot, communications/radios, ATC/ground services and an embedded AeroLens Profile.

AeroLens Pro Embedded Explained
AeroLens Pro is the ultimate Camera Management solution for pilots, digital creators and streamers as it provides quick and simple access to cockpit, instrumentation, showcase, custom and quick view cameras. A dedicated AeroLens Pro button on the home screen makes accessing camera views incredibly quick and convenient by removing the need to navigate between separate profiles.

AeroLens Product Features

  • 5x Cockpit Camera Controls
  • 8x Quick View Camera Controls
  • 7x Instrumentation Camera Controls
  • 12x Showcase Camera Controls
  • 10x Custom Camera (Save) Buttons
  • 10x Custom Camera (Load) Buttons
  • Individual Colour Coded Buttons
  • Cockpit & Drone Camera Zoom Controls
  • Increase/Decrease Time of Day Controls
  • Home & Profile Switcher Buttons
  • Track IR Enable/Disable
  • Drone Control Panel

Product Requirements

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Premium Deluxe
  • Stream Deck XL and/or Stream Deck Mobile for iPadOS
  • Optional Horizon Boeing 787-9 or Kuro B787 Mod