[RELEASE] CYVK Vernon Airport | T0ken Design

CYVK - Vernon Regional Airport is landscaped and operated to a professional standard, Vernon Regional Airport is located in the picturesque Okanagan Valley with 1,072 metres (3,517 feet) of asphalt runway surrounded by lakes, mountains and recreational amenities.

Designed to support industry, the Vernon Regional Airport has become a centre for manufacturing and maintenance in the Pacific Northwest. The airport is fully serviced with airside lots. In addition, Vernon Regional Airport has approximately 2 hectares (5 acres) of land available for aerospace needs. This land parcel provides an excellent opportunity for manufacturing, maintenance, and aerospace technical education.


  • 30+ Hand-modeled 3D buildings throughout the airport
  • Main airport building terminal with signage
  • CYVK rose compass texture
  • Okanagan College Aerospace Campus hangar
  • Custom runway with correct aprons & night lighting
  • Redrawn taxiways, added missing lines and markings
  • Multiple aircraft parked in correct parking areas
  • Corrected and masked ground textures and terrain features
  • Hand-modelled & textured fuel tanks
  • Parked cars, airport vehicles, painted car parking spaces and blocks, picnic tables, fences, vegetation and other random
  • objects added at correct spots for more realism
  • Helipads at accurate locations with cold & dark starts
  • Custom taxiway signs
  • Vernon pickleball & sports buildings. Baseball fences
  • Up to 4K high detail PBR texures

Requires: Canada World Update

This scenery is available via simMarket & Flightsim.to. Hopefully coming to MSFS marketplace soon…

For support contact us via our website T0kendesign.com, Discord or email us at info@t0kendesign.com