[Release] EDDR Airport Saarbrücken

At this point I would like to show my latest project: Saarbrücken Airport (EDDR).

For those who are not familiar with this airport:
EDDR is a international airport in the west of Germany near the french border. It is located on a hill near the city of Saarbrücken. From here, both domestic connections and scheduled flights to various holiday destinations are offered.
With 1990 meters, the runway is long enough for wide-body jets like the A330 or the Boeing 767. But most time, you will see A320s, Boeing 737s and turboprops such as the ATR72 on the apron.


Thanks for bringing EDDR! Looks pretty accurate to rl!

This link might help people looking for the download site:
Pricing model sounds very reasonable. I had seen this site before, but never bought anything.
I have never flown from or to EDDR, but it is quite close to the area where i grew up, so I guess I will buy this one soon.

Will definitely be purchasing this!

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Okay, bought it from Fred’s store. Checkout was super easy, fast download. As I wrote before, I have never been at Saarbrücken Airport, so I can not comment on the realism. But it’s nicely done, air side as well as curb side.
I did a flight from EDDR down the Saar to Konz and up the Mosel to ELLX (Luxemburg). Beautiful area, but room for improvement with WU6, especially hoping for a flat Saar river instead of the current ups and downs.

The Download System Looks complicated.

Without a premium account the Download Speed is under 100kb/s, and i have to Buy and Pay again for Updates? ( Both mentioned in the faq)

I would Rather pay More and buy from simarket or marketplace.

Only the complete free download has a limited download-rate about 50kb/s.

And until today, there was no update users had to pay for - and there are no plans to change this :wink:
I have updated the FAQ


Just had a beautiful sunset RNAV 09 approach in the CRJ. Really nice work on the airport. Didn’t expect this quality for only 1,60€. Much appreciated!

Bought EDDR today-it’s awesome!

Fred published an update for improved compatibility with WU6 via email notification, free of charge and with a fast download link. Great service!

Release notes:

  • Various optimisation for World Update VI
  • Vegetation corrected
  • DME SAD antenna added
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