[Release] EDJA Allgäu Airport Memmingen

After hundreds of hours the airport EDJA is finish. (OK the release was 2weeks ago :wink: )

EDJA is a former air base in the south of Bavaria and since 2007 a civil airport. With 1.7 million passengers in 2019, it is one of the big regional airports in Germany. Because of the near to Munich (about 100 km) the airport is also known as Munich West.
On the north side there are 6 gates used by low cost airlines like Ryanair or Wizz Air. On the south side you will find a GA area between former bunkers for planes.
Within the year 2019 the runway size was extended to 45 m x 2400 m.

Download: EDJA ALLGÄU AIRPORT MEMMINGEN | Digitale Produkte Frederik Blatter

There is a complete free download via uploaded - this could be very slow.

And there is a more comfortable download via payloadz (it will cost you 1,60€, you can pay with paypal and no accout or registration on payloadz is necessary)
If you like my work and want to support me, please use this download. More details on my homepage.

And if you are not sure, whether you should download EDJA or not, here is the final trailer:


Just bought a few minutes ago. Top work. I know Memmingen very well and have flown to the airport several times by myself. Greetings from the glider airfield Agathazell south of it :slight_smile:

Great work. Unfortunaly there are heavy stutters in this area. Someone had the same experiance?

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Thanks, never been there before. I like… as it is close to my flying area I downloaded and hope you enjoy the coffee :wink:

Some flickerings here and there (one car behind the GA parking, Exits/Ausgang Signs when you passing by). And for me unfortunately some… wired flickering/distortion (flimmert halt) on the brown field(s) close to the terminal. Of course you cannot see on screenshot - but to show the area - on the right side.

Thanks for the feedback.

@LokiDruide30 The truck with the flickering glas behind the GA area is made by Asobo :wink: The other texture problems (especially the brown field) seems to be a problem with the settings or/and your monitor. I will write you a PM.

@KlavierKummer32 I know that there are some stutters between the airport and the alps - I have no idea whats the reason for this.


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With all due respect, but don’t offer a ‘free’ download if you then turn around and low-key sh!t on people for using that option. Certainly won’t convince me to use the ‘premium’ option. Not that 1,60 is a lot of money but it’s more a thing of principle…

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Fully agree with FarmerBeavis! There are a lot of people, both here in the forums and elsewhere, who are doing amazing things with scenery and allowing folks to freely download their masterpieces, and allowing people to decide if they want to donate to their efforts. To offer “Freeware” and then make it a major waste of time for a simple download is in poor taste, in my opinion. If you want something for it, and don’t want to rely on the good people who donate, then post it to one of the payware sites, and get what ya can after their cut!

even if I have some trouble (seems due to renderscale) I support the dev here, if you are not willing to pay a coffee… download via uploaded. Some people with uploaded account might be happy… other have time…

I cannot understand those complaints, just invest the pennys and have a fast download or not and have it slow and for free? Distribution is up to the creator, I respect it.

just my view, as a Swabian (better known as the “penny-pinching” more than the scottish folks)

It’s the overly dismissive tone by the author towards people on the free download option that is my issue here. Sure, 1.60 is not a lot but it’s about principle - why give somebody money that (EDIT because snowflakes got super offended! Sometimes this place is worse than resetEra) then talks down to you from their perceived moral high ground for considering an option that they are offering… Just doesn’t add up.

I have heavy stutters south of Memmingen, since 3 patches ago… but it has nothing to do with the mod airport. This is my home area, so it is quite annoying, having stutters just in this area, nowhere else

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This airport looks stunning. Sad that it’ll take me 6 hours to download because I can not pay…

@Juergen763 @KlavierKummer32 I have done several tests with the latest sim update. And it seems that the super annoying stuttering south of EDJA is actually gone.

Now it is possible to fly over Kempten/KPT without any problems or freezes. After all these months a really pleasing progress in the sim.