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Product Page: FSS E-Jets ERJ 170-195 Autopilot Panel for Stream Deck Plus

Control your aircraft’s autopilot systems with a push, tap and twist.

With the Flight Panels Autopilot Panel for the FSS E-Jets ERJ 170-195, you can manage your aircraft’s autopilot systems using the physical buttons, LCD touchscreen and rotary dials on your Stream Deck Plus (+) to create a truly immersive experience.

Button Controls: Circle Bearing Source, Diamond Bearing Source, HSI Mode (HSI), PFD Weather Radar (WX), FMS Source (FMS), Preview Mode (PREV), SRN Source (V/L), Flight Path Reference (FPR).

Rotary Dials & LCD Screen: BARO (IN), BARO (HPA), Minimums Value (FT), Minimums Source (BARO/RADIO). Rotate the rotary dials to increase or decrease values or to cycle between options. Tapping on the LCD screen or pressing the rotary dial will transition in/out of STD mode and change minimums source.

Flight Control Panel (FCP)
Button Controls: Left Flight Director (FD), NAV Mode (NAV), Approach Mode (APP), Bank Angle Limit (BANK), Heading Mode (HDG), Yaw Damper (YD), Autopilot (AP), AP Source (SRC).

Rotary Dials & LCD Screen: Real-time values for speed, heading, altitude & vertical speed. Rotate the rotary dials left or right to increase or decrease values. Tapping on the LCD screen or pressing the rotary dial will enable Heading, Speed, Vertical Speed and Altitude Hold modes.

Radios & Communications
Button Controls: Autothrottle (A/T), Altitude Hold (ALT), Flight Path Angle (FPA), Flight Level Change (FLCH), Vertical Speed (VS), Right Flight Director (FD).

Rotary Dials & LCD Screen: Real-time frequency values for COM1/COM2 (Active and Standby). Rotate rotary dials 1 and 2 to change the standby frequency for COM1 and dials 3 & 4 for COM2. Tap the screen or press a standby rotary dial to swap between Standby and Active.

Rotary Dials & LCD Screen: Rotate the rotary dials to increase or decrease each of the transponder digits.