[RELEASE] Long-EZ - 2021 G3X Avionics & Autopilot Mod

Long-EZ - 2021 G3X Avionics & Autopilot Mod

You may know me and my development partner davux3 from our recent Icon A5 2021 Performance Edition where we also added a G3X Touch avionics package that enabled auto-pilot in addition to many other cool features.

As requested by the community, we have upgraded the Long EZ to also include the G3X Touch with a few of the same tweaks we added to the Icon A5’s avionics including the enabling of autopilot.



Aside from modding in Microsoft Flight Simulator, I also make content on YouTube related to flight and space sims which is where most of my Discord community has come from. I would love to see more flight sim fans hanging out in the server flying together and offering ideas and feedback for future mods. BETA versions will be offered exclusively via Discord. We need devs for our next top secret project!



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I bought the Long EZ and wish I had nott.

I fly using a Thrustmaster T1600 joystick, with standard mapping.

The Long EZ sucks in flight, it is very erratic, the flight controls are very twitchy.

I think it needs just a tiny bit of work to make you like it, a lot of planes by default are twitchy - not sure why, most of the flight tuning I do for personal tastes is exactly for this reason…smooth em out a bit.

I’m not sure the legality of me modifying and redistributing the flight models the dev has already created, but I’ll ask.

Can someone with the Microsoft Store version of the Long EZ confirm if the mod is working?

it is not working i just tried multiple times

Not working, tried the latest version.

Thanks guys, working on this for Microsoft Store users now.

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This was working fine for me. Steam MSFS, LongEZ from the in sim marketplace.

But Seems the GX mod busted in Sim update 3? Should the Long EZ mod work with the new Dev6 and should I leave the included “workingtitle-gx-fixes” directory in my Community folder? Or will that work and be advantageous with the latest WT GX?

From the WT Discord.

@everyone We won’t be able to bring the G3X fully up to date tonight, but I’ve created an interim release that’s built on the new underlying G3X and moves over the basic theming, the CAS functionality, and the autopilot module. The notable things it’s lacking are map rotation and nexrad. Hopefully this will tide folks over for a day or so. Release gx-v0.1.0-dev6 · Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages · GitHub

Or will any updates to the Long EZ mod come after an a more official update from WT? That may make sense.

Then again, maybe I should just try it! But I gotta go to bed and was just looking into the GX issues. I’ve only had one flight since Sim Update 3 and it was in an Xcub, but I assume it’s similarly broken in the Long EZ too? At least without Dev6?

Hi all,

Unfortuntely I cannot support this mod any longer, the conflict with the Windows store version has been one I cannot resolve (think Asobo deluxe planes) and I truthfully do not have the time or resources currently to bugfix after updates as our team’s focus is on the Airbus H135 currently.

I give permission for anyone to use my work to take over the mod, one thing I will say is the mod was coded in a very simple way in which it should just work again after the next working title G3X update.

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Well, thanks a lot for getting it going!

I’m mediocre to horrible at figuring out code, much less writing anything beyond very basic code. But perhaps I’ll poke around in there.

I’d actually love to see a custom panel around a real sized G3X with a proper surround and buttons/knobs. I can model and do textures/materials. So if anyone wants to do the code part I can do the physical representation of the panel/PFD, though I am still early in learning the ropes of the SDK, I am an experienced 3D artist by profession.

Let’s make a panel!!

For the record everything seems to be working fine with this mod and the Dev6 fix of the WT GX mod 0.1.0 made since Sim Update 3.

All is well, you made good code apparently, Steve!

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This is good to know! Enjoy! I actually need to fire the EZ up, it’s been a little bit of time!

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It’s certainly in my top 2 or 3 most flown GA aircraft in the sim. But there’s no Beaver yet, so… it may get knocked a notch down at some point! :wink:

Is this mod still available anywhere? I picked up the Long EZ and would be great to upgrade to the GX3.

It is not, but the Long EZ has autopilot functionality natively now.

Check them out on Facebook for further questions. It’s been a while since I’ve got a chance to fly it myself so not sure what the current state of things is.

Thanks for the fast response. Enjoying the updates for the other planes using your mods. I’ll check out the link.