[RELEASE - MARKETPLACE] LFBP - Pau Pyrénées Airport | LN Design



This airport will include the military part of the airport as a part of a future free update this year,while commercial / general aviation is now feature complete.
The price is lower as we work on the military part of LFBP, but the it will increase once we release the full version.
Note: This, means that once MSFS introduces official support for Helicopters, this airport will be two airports in one. The Civil Airport and the Mil. Heli-base.


  • ALL custom 3D models of ALL buildings, modeled in detail and with a never before seen care for both detailing and performance (Military to come with the free update)
  • Full PBR Stunning texturing
  • Mixed 4K - 2K texturemaps resolution
  • Accurate Layout of the whole airport surface. Taxiways, Runway, Buildings, Taxi Logic has ALL been done with care and detail (Military to come with the free update). Feel free to use REAL charts to navigate the airport!
  • Fully HANDMADE INTERIORS for: Control Tower, Main Terminal, Locavions Hangar (serving as a parking), AeroClub du Bearn, Military Control Tower (Military to come with the free update)
  • Completely custom, revamped and reworked Night Lighting reflecting the real counterpart of LFBP in each single detail
  • Finetuned Navaids and Visual Aids
  • A LOT of aesthetics props, tweaks and more to give more life to the airport
  • Perfectly made Aprons and taxiways, using custom textures and true-to-life coloring
  • Correction of the Satellite Image imperfections (grounded planes, covered grass imperfections)


  • Custom working Jetway for the Terminal Fingers
  • Military Heli-base including all taxiways, parking spots, aprons, and CUSTOM BUILDINGS
  • Some VFR Reference Points in the surroundings
  • More to come as soon as Asobo releases its official Blender Exporter Plugin!

LFBP Pau Pyrénées Airport (Aéroport Pau Pyrénées) is an airport serving Pau, France.
It is located about 10 km (6.2 mi) northwest of Pau in the commune of Uzein, in the “département of Pyrénées-Atlantiques”.

Its great and long term story begins with the roots of flight. With the Wright Brothers.
It was first flew in 1909, at the Wright Brothers flight school built in Pau due to its mild weather compared to the other candidate in Le Man.
The same year, Louis Blériot, after crossing the English Channel on his Blériot XI monoplane, came back to Pau to open his Flight Training School.
This brought a lot of attention and the airport was soon location for new facilities were born in the surroundings, until finally, in 1912 even the French Army, after setting up a proper Military Flight License,
decided to set up a Military Flying School right there in Pau, turning it into one of the greatest and largest Flying Schools in France.

Before World War II began, a large number of Aeronautical Companies set up base in the Adour basin, and straight after the end of the War, the industry had a boom.
Dassault opened in Anglet, Fouga and Potez in Aire-sur-l’Adour, Torbomeca in Bordes and Tanos, Messier in Arudy and Daher-Socata in Tarbes Ossun.
This brought by consequence a number of sub-contractors to move or open subsudiaries in the area, making Pau and the area around it the glory of flight it is now.

LFBP Pau Pyrenees now hosts in the southern part at the Heli Base the 5e régiment d’hélicoptères de combat (5th Combat Helicopter Regiment) and the 4e Régiment d’Hélicoptères des Forces Spéciales (4th Special Forces Helicopter Regiment), making it one critical and one of the most important Military Facilities in France.


  • Scott Thackerey, for providing us priceless references, directions, informations, help and for testing it out when it was vital
  • Exos9 from our LN Design Official Discord for helping with a lot of information and for testing- Exos9 from our LN Design Official Discord for helping with a lot of information and for testing
  • Quelcertoleo for showing me the airport at first, his support and his patience
  • Mamudesign for his help with SDK related issues, and for being patient with a grumpy guy like I am
  • Salvuz and RobyChiarta for being a part of my growth with this adventure of being a creator, and not a user
  • The rest of the Italian MSFS Discord (H.O.T. Multigaming) for the nice time, the help and the laughter
  • All the guys in the MSFS SDK (now The Flight SDK) Discord for the nice time, the priceless help and for allowing me to help others when they have hard times as I had myself
  • My Friend “Sage333” for having to listen all of my grumpyness when things didn’t go as I expected
  • My lovely wife Giovanna for her support and Encouragement
  • My Co-Pawlot “Sirio” for being Meowing me when dinner was ready and when he wanted to play and my eyes were sore for too much working
  • Every person I might have stupidly forgotten, and I excuse personally from now, which has been really important for this project.!