RELEASE: MilViz Corsair for MSFS

another video review:

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Just watched the first minute. 21 liveries? How large is this package?
296km/h cruising speed? That’s only 160kts…

Right after takeoff at like 3:27 you can see the airspeed indicator is already above 160. At 6:00 he’s almost at 300 knots indicated and its effortless. So there doesnt look to be an issue in terms of speeds in the fm.

So dont take cruising speed to mean max. The thing about ww2 planes is engine management is key and you need to watch your temps (Il2 does this well with their planes). I suppose 160 indicated makes sense in that regard as a baseline cruising spd, it will vary with altitude and temp.

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another one

also, check out their reply to this comment, they confirmed the F100 is on the list.
FireShot Capture 357 - MILVIZ FG-1D Corsair - Sneak Preview! - Microsoft Flight Simulator 20_ -

as for HUD’s, please go and support proper collimated HUD’s here: Make HUD collimated please(the HUD in the aircraft, not the HUD of UI)


This is it boys, no foolin


Can. not. wait.

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REALLY nice price for MilViz aircraft too!

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But where is the Beaver floatplane they teased about back in august?

I am guessing it’s in the pipeline. Cessna 310 is next.

Stream is up

here: Twitch

Watching this stream is painful :joy:

Think Colin should have RTFM !


yeah it’s pretty rough, plane’s good. But jeeze the stream is a mess lol


extremely so. Switched it off. I wanted to learn something about the plane and not see some guy learn to use MSFS for the first time …

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What I gathered from the stream:

  1. Aircraft is released now
  2. MSFS marketplace release is out in 2-3 weeks-ish

Oops my bad it is indeed out.

out now FG-1D Corsair for MSFS2020


Edited my post

Was chatting with the staff in the stream, asked if they could convince VRS to work on TacPack for MSFS (allowing us to shoot guns, drop bombs, and fight in the sim).

They replied “We are”


That would be great, and even better for their F-100!

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yuuuuuuup absolutely