[RELEASE] PMDG 737-700BDSF FlyPizza Cargo | simtom

Presenting the PMDG 737-700BDSF FlyPizza Cargo livery! Handcrafted from the finest pizza ingredients, you’re now cleared to fly pizza globally!

Featuring a beautiful metallic retro paint, this livery is sure to turn heads when delivering a fresh full load of pizza containers.

Download here

Other variants

The Passenger and BBJ FlyPizza variants will follow later.


To further enhance your FlyPizza experience, you can now also download the FlyPizza Ground Services Pack!


To install the livery, simply use PMDG’s OC manager and go to the Aircraft and Liveries tab on top, select Livery utilities and then click on Install Livery from PTP in the bottom left corner.

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