[RELEASE] Real California, Nevada and Arizona Bush Trip

If you don’t know where to fly and want to discover some parts of California, Arizona and Nevada, here’s a 16 legs Bush Trip which replicates a real Cessna flight trip we did in 2019.

Farwest’19 will drive you from San Diego to Los Angeles, Monterey, Mojave, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Marble Canyon, Sedona, Big Bear, Oceano and some others. Try to fly as much as we did in VFR by following VFR charts but most of all, look outside and enjoy the sightseeing+MSFS world rendition.

  • Flight length: 2000 nm
  • Flight Duration: +17 hours (estimated)
  • Number of legs: 16
  • Min / Max leg: 19 min / 1h43min

Free to download at: Farwest 2019 Bush Trip » Microsoft Flight Simulator

100% build with Little Nav Map and the great Bush Trip Injector tool by @BuffyGC : Create Your Own Bush Trips - BushTripInjector [v0.8.6.1246 - last update June 6th]

Here are some of the point of interest:

Discover Page, AZ approach with the Lake Powell in background:

Overfly Los Angeles as we did with the Special Flight Rules VFR corridor at 4’500 northbound and 3’500 ft southbound on the last leg:

Ask a clearance to fly over Edwards AFB in Mojave desert:

Be ready to enter Class Bravo airspace at Las Vegas McCarran:

Fly over San Andreas Fault:

Kern Valley is among the small airfields fun to fly. Beware of obstacles in the circuit and enjoy the Kern river view + Lake Isabella:

Enjoy a stop at Oceano on the Pacific coast and his famous beach:

… and many… many more!

Free to download at: Farwest 2019 Bush Trip » Microsoft Flight Simulator