[RELEASE] Robin DR250-160 Capitaine taildragger

The first version of my DR250-160 mod of the default Robin has been released!

Hope you like it!

Find it here: Robin DR250-160 Capitaine • Microsoft Flight Simulator

Introducing the Robin 'DR250-160 Capitaine’

Watching videos of ‘Speedjojo’ fling into impossible strips in the French Alps that we now have access to in FS2020, really made me want to fly something similar! The Robins and Jodels flying around the French Alps, hills and countryside are amazing to see, but the standard ‘cadet’ is far too underpowered for this, and a taildragger is always more fun!

This is what this aircraft is all about.

Aircraft highlights:

Based on Got_Gravel’s idea of modifying the default models (thanks for the couple of pointers!), I set about creating this tailwheel conversion of the default DR400 cadet in late 2020.

  • The DR250 Capitaine is a derivative of the DR221, itself a derivative DR1050M1, with an all moving tailplane.
  • The owner of this aircraft decided to remove the rear seats to allow higher altitude performance. A larger fuel tank has also been installed in its place to feed the more powerful 160hp engine. (The real one has 2x40 litre wing tanks, a 70 litre main, and a 50 litre reserve. Unfortunately in the sim we only have one tank selector.)
  • The range now is around 800nm at 30l/hr. The handling has been improved, and like all taildraggers, you’ll need to watch it on the ground!


I’ve also taken the liberty to get the copilot working with this aircraft. I’ve listed a way to remove him/her if you’d prefer.


All DR400 liveries should work with this model - I have created a converter to do this for you!
Simply copy the converter folder to the livery you’d like to use and run the DR250.bat file.
More details are given in the converter’s instructions.txt

Show me what you’ve found looks good!

Modelling Limitations

  • This aircraft has been converted from the default MSFS DR400. Limitations of this aircraft model:
  • The tailwheel model doesn’t have a support leg. Until we can import additional models into the sim…
  • The tailwheel model doesn’t turn left/right. I am still working on figuring out how to change the steering animations. I may link it to the rudder in the meantime.
  • Part of the original main gear legs reamin - they are part of the fuselage model and can’t be removed without a model importer/exporter.
  • LOD00 is the only real usable LOD. The way this models LODs have been set up it was not possible to have the model’s changes reflected throughout the LODs. These LOD distances have been increased and this issue should not be visible to you.

Airstrip recommendations

This aircraft loves the French high elevation and sloped altiports like Courchevel and Mt. Aiguille (LF79 in sim).

Some suggestions: L’Alpe d’Huez LFHU, Notre Dame de la Salette LFPS, Rockfall LS60 (although this Robin will struggle with that!), Locher Field LOCH, Cipières LF0652, Saint-Roch Mayeres LF430, Castillon de la Laquette (Baragès) LFMB - there’s going to be too many to list!

Post any questions on this forum stub, or grab an invite to my Discord for news, events, screenshots or support. You can see the channel here directly.

Find it here: Robin DR250-160 Capitaine • Microsoft Flight Simulator


Wow 1000 downloads already! :heart_eyes:



10/05/21 - Complete rework of the DR250-160 Capitaine, including:
- Tailwheel model added - castering and seperate from the rudder (but MSFS hasn’t
implemented true castoring yet)
- Livery removed (it was z-fighting/flickering - I’ll reinstate that if we want it, but other liveries are much nicer!)
- All animations redone and are more realistic now
- Cabin hatch separated and animated, but not yet implemented! Working on this next!
- Weight and Balance adjusted again. (There is a bug sometimes when you resync the aircraft from the Dev menu, making the aircraft more nose heavy)
- Contact points updated
- Known Issues:
- Frost not appearing on the windows
- Rain effect on rear windows is vertical (even the Asobo one is… rotating the UV doesn’t seem to help)