[Release] SBGR Guarulhos Airport | GearDown Simulations

GearDown Simulations together with db Scenery shows you the scenario at Guarulhos International Airport (São Paulo) Brazil. Guarulhos is today the largest airport and the second busiest in Latin America, has an area of 14km², has a road system, the Helio Smidt Highway and train, bus, taxi and app stations.

Cumbica Airport, or Guarulhos Airport, supports everything from executive planes in its executive yard to the south, to the grand A380 with daily Emirates flights, in addition to the São Paulo Air Base, fully modeled.

In this scenario made exclusively for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the entire 14km² of the airport was created, with modeling in all buildings, signs, highways, runways, taxiways and vehicles.

Also try to appreciate the approaches to the station’s headlands 10, while the metropolitan trains move along the tracks.

There are more than 300 objects modeled exclusively for Flight Simulator to bring greater immersion to the largest city in Latin America.

The scenario contains:

  • High quality textures on all models
  • Customized and real ground modeling
  • Construction of the entire 14km²
  • Various custom objects like highway signs, lights, cars, Uber signs, buses, trains
  • PBR textures on all objects
  • Custom flags showing wind direction
  • Animations on urban trains
  • Buildings around the Airport
  • Integration with traffic and ATC
  • Windows with Parallax
  • Animations of the Latam and AA hangars (closed at night)

GearDown & db Scenery - SBGR Guarulhos International Airport for MSFS (youtube.com)