[Release v0.1] MSFS Flight Tracker Tool


I couldn’t find a good simple tool to track my flights on a map and chart flight statistics, so I started learning the SDK and made my own!

Generate maps and charts in real-time for your flights:

Also in dark mode:

Github project:


Hope some of you find this tool useful. Please feel free to make suggestions, here are some I’m currently thinking of:

  • Additional charts (engine, fuel)
  • Save and load functionality
  • Export to jpg/png functionality

Nice! I’ve been looking for a program like this to study the interaction with the SDK. This may be just what I wanted.

Nice project, but doesn’t LittleNavMap offer exactly that? Even with a flightlog with these charts for all previous flights?

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looks great. what ive been looking for is a tool that would do that, but extract all my flights in my logbook and map them out together- im doing an extended trip , perhaps around the world, so far ive dont the west coast of the us,mexico, and central america, and it would be nice to plot my progress on a map

@UnitedSFReader Hope it helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

@Coppersens Cool, never knew littlenavmap existed! I didn’t really check for other tools, I just wanted to make something :slight_smile:. Adding a flightlog and being able to load charts for previous flights would be good features to add to this!

@ngreenaway As far as I know, it’s currently not possible to access logbook data via the SDK. My motivation for making this was also to map some kind of around-the-world trip. This tool could do that if save/load functionality was added, but in your case, you’d have to restart all your flights…