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If you wished the Icon A5 and a sister, meet the MXA, a freeware release in the Light Sport Amphibious category of aircraft. Available at https://flightsim.to/file/21376/mxa-light-sport-amphibious

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The new sim update beta broke some code in the MXA as with many many other aircraft. Rather than just fix what was broken and reupload, I took the last few days to entirely overhaul and remaster the project. Improved flight model, 3D visuals, remastered 8K PBR textures, better animations, more interactivity in the cockpit and soo much more.

You can download the MXA for FREE exclusively at


Experimental MXA

Our website has been expanded and all of our available freeware is now available for download again!

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Experimental MXA | HUGE Update | Version 1.0.7.
We took the time to bring this FREEWARE gem back to native standards…

Version 1.0.7. Changelog:

  • Improved Exterior 3D Model
  • Improved Interior 3D Model
  • Improved Textures
  • New Propeller Textures
  • New Decal Textures
  • Added Garmin 307 Autopilot Panel
  • New Animations
  • New Electrical System
  • Added Elevator Trim and Stick Trim Control
  • Added New Gear Notification System
  • Added New Water Rudder and Animations
  • Adjusted Engine Idle Settings
  • Adjusted Contact & Float Points
  • Added new Combustion Logic
  • Added Power On/Off Button to Attitude Display
  • Added New Lights including Red Glareshield Lighting and Ambience Lighting
  • Added Frost to Fuselage and Canopy
  • Optimized Canopy Open/Close Logic
  • Added New G3X 3D Models
  • Adjusted Enviroment Occluder in the Water
  • Added new Wake and Water Spray Effects
  • Added Weight and Balance Logic to Co-Pilot
  • Adjusted Flight Model and Take-Off Handling
  • Adjusted Flap Drag Scale
  • Adjusted all Flight States and Loading Conditions
  • Renamed Factory Livery to Default Livery
  • Changed Name from mykrode-mxa-amphibious to gotfriends-mxa
  • Added New Glass Textures to Displays, Lights, and Canopy
  • Added New Loading Tips
  • Adjusted Light Posititions and Added New Emissives Textures
  • Added Alternator Control to Master Battery On/Off
  • Adjusted Decal Positions and Exterior Registration Positions
  • Adjusted Exterior Registration Color
  • Added Proper Sounds to All Switches and Levers
  • Added New Camera Views and Adjust All Positions
  • Added New Propeller Animations
  • Adjusted Elevator Animations
  • Adjusted Tire and Gear Animations
  • Added Landing Effects
  • Added Exhaust Heat Effects
  • Adjusted Ai Control Logic
  • Added Water Runway and Water Final Conditions
  • Added Aircraft .loc Package
  • Added New Panel.cfg
  • Added New Thumbnails

Free Download Now:

We have changed the folder naming structure, please update your MXA Liveries accordingly!


Official Update | MXA Freeware | Version 1.0.8.
We heard the feedback and made some further adjustments to this freeware classic.

Changelog | Version 1.0.8.

  • Fixed VR Camera Position
  • Reworked Electrical System
  • Added Custom G3X Data Fields
  • Adjusted Engine Idle Speed
  • Reworked Fuel System
  • Added PFD/MFD Screen Swap (Click G3X SD Card)
  • Added Master Battery Check to Water Rudder Actuator
  • Added ADI Power and PFD/MFD Screen Swap to Persistence