[RELEASE] Vessels: The Channel Islands | Seafront Simulations

We are pleased to announce that our oldest, recently updated scenery Vessels: The Channel Islands is now available to Xbox (and PC) users via the MSFS Marketplace. This scenery remains free via OrbxDirect for PC users

Vessels The Channel Islands - Orbx (orbxdirect.com)

…but due to demand from Xbox’ers wanting this scenery too we have added it to the MSFS Marketplace for the minimum allowed price of $4.99USD.

Seafront Simulations | Vessels: Channel Islands (seafrontsims.com)

The Crown dependencies of Jersey and Guernsey are ever popular nautical destinations and perfect for island hopping flights between the three airports on Alderney (EGJA), Guernsey (EGJB) and Jersey (EGJJ).

This scenery recently got updated with the our latest VFX, fixes to watermasks and the addition of local ferry services.

As always we hope you enjoy this release and please feel free to leave feedback or questions for us at contactus@seafrontsims.com.

Happy ship spotting :slight_smile:

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