[RELEASE] VOR Challange with a prize - Tasmania | Avalonweb Scenery

So , you can fly using VOR? Take this very unique challenge to win the prize of over $60 worth of scenery. This is not a mission but a challenge with information for each leg found in the airfield at each of the nine airstrips. It’s also a great way to discover the apple isle of Tasmania.
For a small entry fee you can prove your skill by taking the challenge. Download includes airstrips customised specifically for the challenge. Proficient use of the Garmin 1000 is required.
Full Details are here
Download the competition here
The download includes the airstrip scenery pack of Tasmania and the challenge FLT file.
The winner and runners up will be published Mid October. Enjoy!

Please report any issues to scenery@avalonweb.co.uk

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