[Released] Bear Studios MiG-15

Thanks, I’ll do some tests

Good luck!

You could also pop over to the Jankees thread. I have a feeling that there’s quite a few people in that thread who know how the entire thing works and who can give you pointers. At the least your questions will be more visible since more people seem to read that thread.

thanks good idea

I cannot even figure out how to start the thing.
lol If only I could understand Russian,
Regret buying this thing.

Are you following the checklist and using the cockpit references in the manual to locate switches? I haven’t had any issues getting it started.

This might help


It does not seem to work with beta 12.
I also have what I believe is a weird tone . Seems to be related to turbine speed that goes up and down in pitch and volume even though the turbine is not changing speed.

But I will give it a big thumbs up in the fact that he has made the stick shaker work with my force feedback joystick… I don’t understand how he did it but it seems to work!!!

Yeah the 2 D gauges need fixing

Does the nose gear not turn for anyone else?

Same here, though a patch was released a couple days ago, which I haven’t been able to test yet.

The patch didn’t fix it