Released : CaptainSim C-130 Hercules

For the grand sum of $14.99… But wait for it… It has no cockpit :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:!! This has got to be a new low in flight simming!


Seriously? And he want’s actual real money for that?


:joy: Yep! I thought no doors on the default aircraft was bad but this just takes the cake :joy:


Just a reminder - let’s make sure all comments are within Code of Conduct, regardless of personal feelings about this product or the manufacturer. First and last call folks - I’m trying to avoid the Summer Rush if you will.

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lol! :slight_smile:

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Apologies! I’ll delete the post. I’m sure he has some reason for doing what he’s done.

You don’t have to. This isn’t a call to shut it down - I just know this particular manufacturer invokes “strong reactions” from the Board Community. It’s just a reminder to anyone else who wants to participate to keep it Respectful, Relevant, Constructive and Informative. :slight_smile:


i say, it is the future, planes are being steered by pilots on the ground , ala drones.

Normally I would agree but after all that has happened with this dev so far, I can only say one thing: releasing such a product and charging 15 bucks for it, that’s what I call disrespectful.
So sorry: but he started it and now is responsible for the fallout that’s surely going to come.

I’m getting some beer and popcorn. Gonna be a fun evening … :wink:


Well, that didn’t take long. Since the Topic Author offered to let us close it, I’m going to take them up on it. It’s disappointing that people can’t follow basic rules and ruin the discussion experience for everyone else.