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DoubleEnder | Official Announcement Promo


2006 feel like yesterday. Enjoy :wink:


Did this project idea form in 2006 then?

The real aircraft was around the early 2000s era so it was just fitting for the video. Got excited to finally have the first build of it in sim with a base set of textures an animations to see what it finally looked like after all this time modeling. Needed an excuse to mess around with some filters in a video editor as well! The project itself is entirely native to MSFS though, entirely new work from 2023, not from 2006! :wink:

Yeah I gathered that!! But the idea to do it “one day” could have started back then. Anyway I see what you mean now, I’m just dim-witted :slight_smile:

Looks totally awesome - canny wait :mantelpiece_clock: :hammer:

Working on a glacier scenery in Alaska to ship with Double Ender.


that does look really amazing!

Looks great. What an odd looking aircraft, I love it👍

Just needs an Anne Summers livery.

I’ll get my coat :kissing:

Candoo showing a preview stream now if you’re able to catch it;

The DoubleEnder Project | Got Friends | Development Update

We are inching closer to the Beta Phase of development and implementing some exciting features for your ultimate “Bush Trip Dream”.

This week we started developing some key features for the DoubleEnder. Got Gravel has been working hard on fine-tuning the flight model and preparing the complex electrical system. He has also been hard at work implementing MSFS’ first custom MVP-50P Avionics Suite. The rest of the team has been hard at work with 3D Modeling, Sounds, Textures, Animations and Dynamic Effects.

We are very excited to unveil the first Dynamic Dirt System in MSFS. This system will track Dirt/Mud compounding on all tires and key surface components. This is a very complex system and will change based on landings, ground type, rain/precipitation, lake skimming, and more!

Cargo has also been implemented and is fully dynamic! Whether you’re looking to load a passenger seat, some rear weight, tools, a full set of camping gear or additional fuel, the DoubleEnder has the ability to change loadouts depending on your mission. Cargo is visually linked to weight and we are excited to share more with you on upcoming interactive features in the future.

We are also very excited to start ground work on the realism features for this aircraft. We are going deep into Wear and Tear, Electrical Failures, and Engine Failures. The DoubleEnder doesn’t have to be a simple aircraft. It has a togglable management system that is not just dipping it’s tires in realism, but revolving around a fully-persistent project.

Our Airmaster Propeller Control Units (AC-200F & AC-200R) are near complete and provide the most robust propeller controlling system in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Set various flight modes, adjust propeller beta, and engage full-beta/reverse or feathering on-the-fly in manual mode.

We are very excited to share more information in the future. In terms of release plans and pricing, we have not settled on any price-point yet, but plan on releasing to both PC and Xbox.

Cheers! Hope you enjoy the new previews!

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This sounds great.
I’m assuming it’s not going into your freeware range then? …….(little joke)

Sounds awesome! Any chance the dirt accumulation and the other advancements (if applicable) will make it to the Wilga at some point?

I second this ^^^^^ essential motion :slight_smile:

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This dirt/mud system is very complex and interwoven with the 3D Model in a very particular way. I can pretty much guarantee this system will never come to our freeware projects like the Savage Grravel and Carbon. Mainly because we don’t have access to the original 3D Model. As far as the Wilga, it will take a lot of effort to add this system. It’s easier to accomplish if the 3D Model is designed in mind to take advantage of this system. Especially in terms of dirt/mud layers. On the DoubleEnder, we added over 120 layers of dirt/mud ontop of it’s existing shell and each particle, clump, and decal has been hand placed to meet the DoubleEnder’s shape profile. This won’t happen anytime soon on the Wilga. It may come eventually, but as mentioned, it has to be hand tailored to the aircraft and will eat up a massive chunk of our update schedule. With a small team, we only have time between releases to touch update items. Normally they are coding issues and don’t require anybody more than myself or Got Gravel. That way Mykrode and TwoSeventyInc can continue 3D Modeling/Texturing the next project. Another system like this requires the entire team.

It will happen. However, no guarantees when. It really depends on community reception on the DoubleEnder and if this system is “essential” and not considered a gimmick.


Thanks for the insight! Makes sense, so no pressure!

Just saw this awesome video and now I am pretty hyped for this cool bird.


Ender pre alpha at SCIP


The DoubleEnder Project | Detail Promo
Coming Soon to MSFS 2020 and Beyond…


Was experimenting with the feathering a bit, so shut down the rear engine and feathered the prop, worked like a charm :slight_smile:


any idea when its coming out?!?!?