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Official Aircraft Announcement
The DoubleEnder Project by Got Friends

We are very excited to unveil our next aircraft! This project is once again geared towards the unusual and focuses on the adventure of bush flying!

The DoubleEnder has been in the works for quite some time, and we are now bringing it into Microsoft Flight Simulator and starting initial flight modeling and animation work. If you are a fan of Twin Rotax 916’s, Airmaster Propeller Systems, Custom Slats, Flaps, Spoilers, Fuel Pods, Cargo Pods, and 35" Bush Tires, you will not want to miss where this project is heading!

We have a ton of work still ahead of us and we plan on diving deep into the realm of realism for this release. Full systems, controls, failures and more will be on the horizon. It looks like the Wilga will have a new best friend to accompany her on many bush trips in the future!

We couldn’t leave you without a few sneak peeks! Keep in mind, everything you see is still in very early stages of development.

Thank you all for supporting Got Friends! We can’t wait to share more in the future!


Neat. Like the sound of those desycned props.

Cockpit reminds me of an Arado

And there’s a side by side too.
Tue Feb 22, 2022 4:26 pm

Re: Double Ender

Spoke with Alec a little while ago and he sent a few pics of the Ascender.


Looks like being a whole lot of fun!

Anyone knows the ICAO of this airport? :smile:


Gotta say, you guys at Got Friends really do your research. Looks like another winner, low and slow with great visibility. Can’t wait to see it.

Jonx is probably using a bored panda article “The 15 most unusual airframes of 2023. #3 might SHOCK you!” as a next-project-check-list :wink:

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Omg! This is like a helicopter with wings! Lovely airplane! The visibility is fantastic!
Cant wait fly this through all canyons I can find!

He’s using ChatGPT for all public communications now :slight_smile:

Seriously this looks wonderful (as per everything you guys do! So pretty normal lol). Definitely Wilma’s trendy modern age relative, with enough angry looks to make the Foxes go running into the nearest forest to hide!

(^^ not ChatGPT ^^)

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Whoah the visibility is wild! Very interesting plane.

So that’s what happens when a Piper Cub and an Icon A5 have a baby.



I’m just that articulated.

or in terms of Chat GPT:

I possess a remarkable ability to articulate my thoughts with clarity and precision, effortlessly conveying complex ideas in a concise manner. My eloquent speech and well-structured expressions captivate and engage listeners, leaving a lasting impression.

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Sounds like a generic job application :slight_smile:
Hopefully you won’t be needing that any time soon!!

Cant wait for this one in the sim. Ive been eyeballing this plane IRL for sometime. This could make it to #1 on the list to fly over the Wilga.

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Looks interesting indeed!

Say it isn’t so! :sob: :broken_heart:


Looks amazing. Hope it comes soon to Xbox marketplace!

Double Ender | WIP | Community Update

Our team is tackling interior modeling and adding details as we prepare for animation work. Mykrode, our 3D Modeler, has been working off of the few available photos and videos that remain of the 4 Prototype Builds. We are very excited to share some of this early work in progress with the community and can’t wait to share more in the future!

Some details/systems to look forward to:

  • 35" Bush Wheels
  • Cargo/Fuel Pod Options
  • Free-Castering Tail Wheel
  • x2 Rotax 916 Engines
  • x2 MVP-50P Engine and Monitoring Systems
  • Embedded PMS50 GTN-650 Navigation System
  • Alternative TDS GTN-650XI Replacement Package
  • x2 AP330CTF-WWR64W Airmaster Propeller Systems
  • AC-200F (Feathering) and AC-200R (Beta) Propeller Systems
  • Locking Spoilerons, Slats (Rail) and up to 60 Degree Flaps
  • Cargo and Rear-Passenger Options
  • Type 400A Integrated Flight Control System
    And Much More…

We hope this post gathers your excitement as we continue development of the DoubleEnder for MSFS.

Got Friends


DoubleEnder | Community Update
We are finally in-game with a full exterior and interior!

Work should start progressing really nicely now that we have most of the components required to animate, code, and control. The DoubleEnder has a near-complete 3D Model, has it’s initial “first-pass” texture paint, exterior animations, and it’s first flight model.

We still have a lot of work to do on it and work should now progress fairly smoothly. For now, here is some previews of it’s current state in-game!

Cheers, so much more detail to come!


Looks great for sightseeing! Please don’t make windshield tint too dark, maybe consider a version without any tint on windshields.

Not a big fan of Rotax engines. They always sound as if a sewing machine has a rap battle with a blender, but it is what it is.

I’m gonna get that bird! Looks awesome!