[Released] LJLJ Ljubljana By Scenic Routes

So Scenic Routes have released their first add on for MSFS, LJLJ Ljubljana Airport available at SimMarket for €23.99 ($27.88/ £20.27)

I know this has been the labor of love the the team for a while now, including holding off a few launches for this to be up to standards, so being as Ljubljana is one of, if not my favorite place in the world this was an instant buy. I am just loading in now so don’t have any pictures myself but thought would share some from the store page with the product info.

"Ljubljana. The vibrant capital of Slovenia, where the warm breezes of the Mediterranean sea meet the cool foothills of the Alps, this charming green city’s airport now comes to life in MSFS in fine detail and stunning precision never seen before. Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is located on the outskirts of this young country’s capital and is known as the hub and headquarters of the former Adria Airways and has a 3300m runway with passenger, cargo, maintenance and training facilities.

A brand new, state of the art terminal has just opened as of July 2021. This state of the art terminal, as well as the entire airport contains over 150 handcrafted 3D models with advanced, industry leading PBR texturing. This scenery package brings one of Europe’s upcoming hubs to the comfort of your own computer at levels of staggering reality unseen before. Scenic Routes have always aimed to depict reality several classes higher. Exceptional scenery design and make this a must-have addon for your home sim.

The Highlights:

  • Over 150 3D models with advanced breathtaking PBR texturing.
  • Hyper realistic ground imagery.
  • Updated airport data for stands and taxiways.
  • Animated flags based on wind speed and direction.
  • 10+ real-world cars and predominant static aircraft.
  • Interior modeling and texturing of all “visible” areas of both terminals.
  • Animated busses and Go Karts.
  • Precision placement of edge and taxiway lights based on real-world placement.
  • Re-done Navaids based on 2021 AIP lat/long data.
  • Animated Jetways.
  • Realistic tracks & oil stains.
  • Fully matched realistic dynamic lighting and window emissives.
  • Fall/winter seasons friendly.

Airport security and grounds crew equipment.

Enjoy flying the Slovenian Skies and leave a like on our Facebook page!"

Well worth a look in my view and if you do decide to pick up I hope you enjoy! Happy flying!


I saw the price and thought it seemed outrageous (it is quite high for a single airport) but the pictures do make it look like they put a lot of effort into it. I’ll check it out!

I did think when saw the price at first a month or two back its quite a lot, (outrageous is a bit much I would say) for a first product especially when haven’t got much reputation to go on (that I know of) however I have to say as someone who loves Ljubljana its a brilliant addition. I do think some textures need improvements (in the ATC tower for example) but it is genuinely an incredible airport rendition in my view. From the military zone, the cargo warehouses and even animated go karts on the track there is just a lot of love. I personally would say it should have maybe €5 knocked off just because of what the market is currently and fact most folks don’t know who are yet however I don’t feel short changed as I am definitely going to be using this a lot and do have a lot of faith in the devs as even though I know have expressed my opinions to them. They have always been willing to listen and engage in a friendly way and are good folk.

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The apron textures look phenomenal. I mostly fly in the US but I’ve always had a soft spot for Slovenia and its people so I will very likely pick this up and make it my main Central European base of operations. Edit: Ok, there’s a go kart track. I’m officially buying it :laughing:

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Yeah I use REX Airport textures but this Airport doesn’t need it nor do I believe would benefit from it as is all custom. I definitely can’t say its perfect but gotta say, even acknowledging my bias due to love for Ljubljana, its my favourite airport I own yet and I have most my favourite places :laughing:

The Go Kart track is such a beautiful touch I do agree when I saw that there was actually cars racing I let out a little squeal! They definitely have done their research on the actual layout I am impressed. I think these are ones to watch for sure. I’ll be interested to know what they do next.

It looks great and always nice to see new devs with high ambitions come up!

But I think the pricing is a mistake, Edinburgh, Bristol and Cologne-Bonn, which definitely are among the best airport’s out there all cost between 15-19€. Drzewiecki Designs Krakow costs just past 20€ but includes landmarks and a museum airport.

I am not 100% sure, but I think cologne Bonn does not have modeled interior.

But then, you are right. It is still a very ambitious price tag

I am having major issues with this Airport.

Seems the runways are all messed up. All my other airports are fine.

This is support based @SuperSixBravo so really it nneeds o go to offical channels (forum rules) but it’s a known issue being looked at and is fixable!

If so the discord, under known issues it says- 'Some users who use SDR pack (which is a part of “Bucino’s freeware airport sceneries” from flightsim.to), have white checkered ground textures, please remove any of these addons to solve these issues"

I personally use the SDR 1.5 pack without any problems but hopefully that helps

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The price of € 24,-- is a serious mistake. At the P3D you can ask for it because there are almost exclusively hardcore simmer and it is a very small market that justifies such prices. With the MSFS it’s different. The highest barrier is € 19.99. For a relatively small airport like LJLJ with one runway, the maximum is € 17.99 or significantly below. I am convinced that they would earn much more if they had set the prices at € 17.99 or below, because they would sell significantly more units. The established development studios know this by now. Rookie mistake. I predict the developers that after the hardcore simmers bought, there will be quite an ebb…

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The actual price they list is €19.99 I believe, it’s the tax which sends it above.

I personally think for how high quality it is, In my view only the ATC towers at Bristol beats any aspect of this airport. It may be a single runway, but there is so much to the site and EVERY building is modeled in high quality, plus they have had direct work with airport for materials and the 3cm ground scan, so you can’t get much more realistic. It takes time and resources, all of which should be accounted for, and being a country that’s still being discovered by many, those who will buy IS limited like you mentioned so it totally justifies the cost. I originally thought was quite a lot but personally since actually using it, I believe its worth every cent, its got full 5 star reviews on SimMarket too.

To me just because don’t like how much something is doesn’t mean it’s not a fair price. I’d rather a developer, especially one who put some much love in and has been engaged with community, got paid properly for their high quality work and personly pay a few euro more. I mean it’s the cost of a drink out extra, it’s really not that much.

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I have always meant the price with tax because, after all, it is the price the consumer pays for it. LJLJ is in the same league in terms of price with airports that have a much larger scale. E.g. sim-wings EDDM Munich, Drzwewiecki Design RJAA Tokyo Narita Airport or JetStream Design LFPO Orly. And the mentioned airports have ALL a very high quality. LJLJ will not be able to survive in the market with this price. I predict that. Yes of course, a Hardcoresimmer would probably also pay 30 euros, but the higher the price, the more sales decline. The established developers have also realized that by now. If LJLJ does come to the MSFS marketplace, sales will certainly not be satisfactory at this price.

I have the same problem just with this airport.

I deleted all Scenery I have from Flightsim.to that has “sdr-” in the name. Its fine now.


Just bought this a few days ago and have to say, it’s incredible. The best scenery I’ve seen in a long time.


It is expensive but might be tempted if it wasn’t for all the static aircraft. Does it come with an option to remove those and free up those ramps?

You can remove static aircraft:

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Thanks for clarifying! There’s not a word about that option on either SimMarket or ScenicRoute’s website.

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Hi. Would anyone have a minute and please help me install the LJLJ, as I can not find any instructions as regard the installation (got main folder and two crjs). Community folder or somewhere else? Thank you

Community folder from memory. I personally have never experienced an install not in community folder unless explicitly states otherwise. There should be a manual explaining. Otherwise I’d suggest trying their discord page (Scenic Routes) as Mods can shut threads over support based stuff apparently :roll_eyes:

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