Released: Orbx Detroit City Pack


Just released. Will as usual be exclusive to Orbx… at least till it arrives at Marketplace.

I heard about it a couple of days ago but didn’t expect it so soon! They’re doing a version of KDTW too so I assume that’ll be released any day now too.


I’m curious to see how good the Orbx implementation of KDTW will be. Inibuilds has set the bar high. It’s certainly not an airport where I was necessarily waiting for a better version.

And I am often surprised by the choice of airports offered by some developers. There are definitely enough important airports that are not yet available in any premium version. And yet many airports are duplicated and triplicated, while others are completely missing from the map.


I’m still waiting for a MBS, or Detroit City, or even Muskegon. TVC was done, but rather meh. They will need to update this soon as the new gordie howe bridge is just meters away from being connected in the middle of the river.

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And is there any commitment or likelihood of marketplace release?

Developers seem to always bypass marketplace or decide to release something on their own store first while console users wait weeks more. Seems like a poor choice, offer it on all platforms at release.

There is a Detroit City (KDET) add-on in the sim marketplace by Msfscenerybuilders.

As has been mentioned many times in this forum, there is a (slow) MP ingestion/release process, so even if a developer submits the release to the MP at the same time as the product releases in their own store, it will always take additional weeks to actually appear on the MP.

This same slowness also causes some cautious developers to hold back the MP release to see if any hot fixes are needed.

Like any business, developers need to make money so if there’s no MP release or a late MP release, it is smart to assume that there’s a reason other than “poor choices” or a disdain for XBOX.


Ok thanks. I’ll look

Or hold off on release on their store or elsewhere until marketplace date is approved and set. Then upon release it’s available for all on day 1.

Looking at how some devs release products totally unannounced, that’s not a reasonable expectation. You want to bring your product to market as quickly as possible and not be at the mercy of the superfluous at best, ineffective at worst Marketplace ingestion process. What if your product doesn’t pass and gets sent to the back of the queue? If it’s ready… release it. Your whole business plan shouldn’t have to revolve around the in-sim store and its acceptance policies.

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I understand your frustrations since you are at the mercy of the MP as an XBOX user but businesses don’t hold back releases just because of the MP peculiarities. That would just be silly and counterproductive.

Another contributing factor to releasing outside of the MP first (although ties back into one of the main reasons) is initial release issues.

Once it’s released and the masses find / report issues, they are (hopefully) quick to fix and then release an update.

Given the delay from time of submitting to MP to release, you could be sitting on a buggy version for awhile before you get an update.

So let it roll out through other stores, get the feedback, get it fixed, stable, etc… and then release a solid product on MP.

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Good point. I wish it were true, though — the MP ingestion process doesn’t preclude a product being full of bugs.

I didn’t understand skypilotYTS’s statement as implying that the MP ingestion process detects bugs. I think he simply meant that the unavoidable delay of any MP submission, even a hotfix, means urgent issues cannot be addressed in a timely fashion with the MP so a non-MP release gets a 1.0 product out to the masses and then allows for quick hot-fixing, if necessary, so that the initial MP release afterward can be reasonably expected to be free of showstoppers.


I was reading about fsexpo for Microsoft and in Sunday there will be a panel about the 2024 marketplace. Hoping will have good improvements announced then.

Yes, I kind of realised that was what he/she was inferring.

I looked. That’s not what I’m looking for. Kdet is a small general aviation airport. I have 0 interest in that genre.

I emailed Orbx and they plan to make it marketplace. But as usual, lags behind.