[RELEASED] Virtavia Short Stirling

Honestly, I probably know less about the Stirling than any other British heavy bomber, but once I saw Virtavia was releasing on MSFS finally, I bought this with only a cursory look at the description. I know their products well enough from previous platforms to know the plane would be worth the reasonable 25 Euro price from Simmarket. And it’s just what I expected!

I’ve only flown for a few to get a general feel and grab some screenshots to share, but overall I’m really pleased. If you think textures and polygon counts are what makes for a great flight sim experience, please save yourself the money and save us the complaints. If, on the other hand, you find the chance to get some sense of what it was like to fly interesting historic aircraft, with realistic flight models, can compensate for the terrible realization that you’re in a simulation, keep reading!

Shots below, but some quick impressions:

  • Visuals are mid-range quality, but a definite notch up from Virtavia’s P3D work. Full PBR, nice details, instruments look good.
  • Sound is awesome. Full WWise, deep radial rumble that feels in line with what I heard on my B-17 flight many years ago, and yes, audio changes when you open windows.
  • Most important to me: Flight modeling and handling feels good. The plane feels heavy, and I’ve only done short, low flights so far, but initial impressions are that the performance and handling are in-line with what I’d expect from an early WW2 heavy bomber.
  • VR support is good. Scale feels right, everything is reachable, all instruments are fully 3. Feels really convincing as you look at the ground approaching through the foot-level window on the right side of the cockpit.
  • Modern radios are available in a pop-up
  • 3 models included, including a late-war model used to launch gliders; that one has a glider release in the cockpit. Maybe someday MSFS will get to the point where one of us could fly this and someone else could fly a Horsa being launched behind it.

Only negatives I’ve noticed so far:

  • EDITED! Flap indicator needs to be turned on. The things you find out when you RTFM. :slight_smile: [WRONG] Flap indicator doesn’t seem to work (but I haven’t even cracked the manual yet, so something might be set wrong on a runway start) [/WRONG]
  • There’s one horrific texture at the back of the cockpit that’s going to trigger folks who are visuals-focused.
  • The exhaust stacks could be more convincing with better paintwork, as could the exhaust streaks on the camo. Hopefully the repaint folks will enhance those.

That panel on the back wall is going to freak out the detail-oriented and is going to be ammo for the “OMG P3D portover it shouldn’t exist!” crowd. Hopefully in a future rev they can bring that up to the quality of the front part of the cockpit, but for now, you should be looking out the front when you’re driving anyway. :slight_smile:

More details here, and more impressions from me after I get some time to really fly it – and read the manual! – this weekend!



Interesting seeing Virtavia moving up to MSFS. I had a few of their planes for FSX and they were alright I guess but nothing great, middle of the road I’d say. They did put out some unique planes though.

Kinda weird how they made the MSFS version more expensive than the X-Plane and P3D versions. The prices for me (with an extra 20̌% VAT) are €30 for the MSFS version and €26.10 and €25.80 for the P3D and X-Plane versions. You’d think with the much higher userbase in MSFS they’d price that one cheaper. But I’m no economist so what do I know?


Yes, this was a reason to go there.

Back in the day, he was working on a “museum experience” in which to place his models, I wonder what happened to that?

From what’s been said, it looks like he put a lot of effort in upgrading the model. Given, as you noted, the Short Sterling is somewhat unique, he probably doesn’t expect to sell a lot? As you said, who knows.

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Yeah, their stuff is mid-range on detail, but the flight modeling is usually spot-on, and where else are you going to get stuff like the F4D Skyray, F11F Tiger, A3D Skywarrior, B-36 and B-47, etc.? I’m happy to accept a lack of study-level detail and pixel-level accuracy to get even a taste of flying the kinds of classic military birds they do.

Price is higher than P3D/X-Plane current pricing, but back in the heyday of P3D their stuff was more in the $40-50 range. So this is a market adjustment. And it’s $26 here in the USA. You can’t blame them for the high taxes. :slight_smile:


Looking at their website at their releases from the past couple of years it does seem that they’ve upped their game a fair bit when it comes to textures and modelling so I’ll probably keep an eye out for future releases. Can’t say I’m much of a fan of the Stirling, Halifax was always my favourite of the big WW2 bombers. I’d be itnerested in an MSFS version of their Hampden as well.

Yeah that’s why I mentioned the 20% VAT, not to complain just to note why the price I stated was different from the one in your post.

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Had a little more time with it. The flaps indicator was me not reading the manual – there’s a switch to turn it on. Speaking of the manual, it’s got loads of detail, with a detailed explanation of proper procedures for takeoff, climb, etc.

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Thanks to the thick wing ( which rather killed it’s performance vs the other two British heavies ) it could - iirc - outturn opposing night fighters at altitude…

I’m interested to know how slow it’s reactions are though… ignore actual roll & pitch rates, if you snap the stick/yolk how long does it take to wind up?

I’ve always had a weak spot for the Stirling…
jroger (0011) by JanKees Blom, on Flickr

jroger (0004) by JanKees Blom, on Flickr

jroger (0001) by JanKees Blom, on Flickr


Im so glad you gave some points on this the Stirling is my fav ww2 bomber and no one else will probably ever make one so i was hoping this was gonna be at least fair , i can cope with everything you have said so far

Edit: ive heard there is no in game checklist which is a bit of a down vote for me personally

Yep, no in-game checklist, but there’s at least a thorough set of procedures in the manual, as well as checklists at the end.

I’d suggest sending feedback to Virtavia on the checklist if it’s something you really want to see. This is their first MSFS plane, so that kind of feedback will probably be helpful to them!

There’s a very slight hesitation and then it responds. Feels right for a plane of that size/weight/wing area, but I’ve never flown a heavy bomber IRL. :slight_smile:

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Another paint, now with an early paintscheme
MG-K (0001) by JanKees Blom, on Flickr


Really liking this aircraft but the rpm gauges oscillate wildly occasionally then return to normal.Anyone else experienced this ?

Yeah I see same with RPM.

It seems the long needle will not do a complete rotation, it moves clockwise only as far as 9 and then to get to 0 it moves backwards anti clockwise quickly to reach 0 then 1 etc :astonished:


Yes that’s what I’m seeing. Apart from that I enjoy flying it. Read an old report from a Sterling pilot who said with boost 0 and 2000 rpm airspeed was about 200 knts. I tried it in the sim and got a similar figure.

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Screenshot (1434) by JanKees Blom, on Flickr

Screenshot (1407) by JanKees Blom, on Flickr


You’re making want to buy this…

I don’t get a lot of downloads of my Stirling paints, but that doesn’t matter, I’ll paint it anyway.
Here is B for Beer of No.199 squadron
BforBeer (0001) by JanKees Blom, on Flickr

BforBeer (0003) by JanKees Blom, on Flickr

BforBeer (0004) by JanKees Blom, on Flickr


Thanks for taking the time to do these JK, I think the price has deterred a lot of people who would otherwise likely buy it. Myself and a few friends really appreciate your time on this.

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Thanks @pby5a

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Thanks, @pby5a! I’ve downloaded all of them. Was hoping for B for Beer, that’s a fun paint!

Hope the Stirling catches on because I want Virtavia to do well. It’s not a well-known plane compared to a lot of the Virtavia stable.

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