Releasing the Parking brake

On attempting to fly (I was starting from EGHH) the box said “Ctl + NUM DEC”
Now I haven’t got a Decimal on the NUM side of my keyboard and even CTL + NUM DEL doesn’t have any effect. Has any bright spark found an alternative way of releasing the parking brake|??

I release mine with my voice…
Voice Attack

Just remap the keys under Settings - Controls. I have mine mapped to + and Enter (pressed together) on my number pad.

Thank you Rev201 I will try that.

Our clicking on the in cockpit control.

What keyboard do you have that doesn’t have a num pad decimal? Or do you not have a num pad at all?

NumLock must be OFF for the parking brake control to operate.

Have you tried both CTRL buttons? I have a feeling it only works when using the left CTRL button.

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Correct, I just tried it - the right CTRL does nothing to the parking brake.

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I have it bound to a button on my flight stick.


Thanks LameLefty I will be getting my new Extreme 3D stick on Thursday, that sounds better than CTL + NUM DEC. I am amazed there has been no mass protest down Whitehall and a dem in Trafalgar square about this! Crazy that nobody has complained about this. Maybe the world of desk top jockeys are stuck to the runways all over the world as guys try to find CTL pllus NUM DEC…


This my first visit to this forum. I admit to being a slow, fumbling flight simmer but I am horrified to find so many problems awaiting me. Starting try to find a yoke that works, making sense of the opening pages after the compact ease of FSX and at last getting the SOFLY Manual available, but without that I felt helpless. So this is progress is it?

Further point. How did I get the name “WittedLattice34” attributed to me? I didn’t. Is it something I blame on Steam or Microsoft??

That’s your XBox Gamertag. You can change it (ONCE) by logging into the MS XBox Gaming Website and going into your Profile Settings.

A lot of stuff got sorted before you joined, so I’d actually say you’re ahead of the game. I joined in earnest after Patch 2. That’s the benefit of being late to the party, a lot of things get fixed or addressed, or FAQ’d by the time you show up.

Releasing the Parking Brake. I ran out of buttons ( ! ) on my TCA Controller and have been living with LCTRL-NUMPERIOD since the beginning. Picked up a Logitech Throttle and got a half-dozen more switches with it. Parking Brake is one of them. I consider my time spent with the keyboard binding to be my purgatory and the throttle quadrant is now deserved salvation. Now if someone could only fix the flight planning. There’s bigger fish to fry than this awkward command. :grin:

You could also try visually looking around the cockpit and clicking on the parking brake with the mouse to release it.

Well, assuming that DEC means “decimal point”, NUM DEC is what the key should be referred to with Num Lock ON. You wouldn’t expect NUM Ins instead of NUM 0, would you?