Reliable, Accurate Auto Pilot Controlled Flights

Dependable, non-erratic Auto Pilot-controlled flights, including accurate take-off and landings, would be great. It’s not too bad, and manages most take-offs well, but is given far too frequently to making terrible landings which completely destroy the immersion and the satisfaction of having flown an otherwise trouble-free flight.

I’m not sure how difficult this can be. If as the player I am completely ‘hands-off’ the flight controls from start to finish why would the AP make any errors? It should just be following proscribed code. I don’t know why the planes too often mess-up the landings (overshoots, failure to line-up on the correct approach runways, etc).

Just fixing this would be a great quality of life improvement for those of us (admittedly perhaps not many) who enjoy setting up flights to sit back and enjoy passively, perhaps popping around with the drone to capture photography and footage on the journey.

It is already built in - i tried it but now I can’t find it to turn it off.