Relocate game after system crash

Hi there,

I had to fully reinstall my windows, due to a hardware replacement.

I have a copy of the game through steam. All the files were on a separate hard disk than my main one, so I still have the 100Gb stored. I restored the game in my steam library, and based on what I read on forums, I updated the UserCfg.opt file so that the package location is pointed, on my old folder.

However, the game, looks like still wanting to download again all the 106Gb…

Simple question here: is the game anyway reviewing all the packages, looking like it’s downloading, but not really downloading, or am I just f…ed ?

Or maybe I did just missed something.

Any tip would be welcome !

Thanks a lot

Hi @GoreGonzola1133,
See if some of these search results will help:
Search results for ‘move to new pc’ - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

The first installer, the one you download from Steam (or for those with MS Store), will need to be downloaded first. Then when the MSFS installer pulls up, point that to your existing drive/folder where you had it installed. In most cases this will work. The only time it may not is folder rights that the other PC had where the new one doesn’t.

If it were me, I’d just let it do the clean install without using the existing files. Your settings are saved in the cloud and will pull down. Flight plans will not if you had any of those.

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Hi @Hester40MT !

Thanks for all the useful links :slight_smile:

Finally found out my mistake, I pointed to the ‘packages’ subfolder into my MSFS, instead of pointing on the MSFS folder itself…

After a short scan, all the content is available again, and no need to wait a 2 days download.

Have a great day !

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