RemoreFlight Cockpit HD

Hi, Has anyone tried the RemoteFlight Cockpit HD iPad App with MSFS? The web page description on this product (not the description on App store) boasts FS2020 compatibility. However, the last update to the App seems to be 6 years ago!

I am looking for an iPad app to display a 6-pack instrumentation but there doesn’t seem to be much on offer.

I’d appreciate any thoughts.

Yes I’m using 2 iPads actually with the fantastic remote flight apps
I have radio panel on 1 and 6 pack on 2 for my MSFS 172

All works well bear in mind you do need Fsuipc 7 installed and the remote server supplied via remote flight

Hope this helps
Ex Tenebris

Many thanks. I wasn’t aware that Fsuipc 7 was required. Looking through the documentation on their website and AppStore, there is no mention of any requirement this third party software. They just indicate that a free server software supplied by RemoteFlight is required for syncing the instruments on iPad and MSFS. Bizarre! Thanks anyway.

Have you had any problem with altitude being incorrectly reported? I’ve got RemoteFlight Cockpit and Glass, and both have altitude errors (by a lot). They both work fine with FSX so presumably a MSFS problem. Many thanks Tony


I was just running the radio and map panels today ,
But will try the 6 pack instruments tomorrow and let you know

No issues with autopilot capturing altitudes etc etc but will check the steam gauge altimeter tomorrow and let you know
Ex Tenebris

Checked today
No issues on my remote flight setup
Altitude reporting normally
Ever so slight lag between MSFS and remote flight screen but no more than 20 ft indication as remote flight catches up but reports normally
Ex Tenebris

Many thanks for taking the time to do that, the info is much appreciated, Tony

Hi - can anybody confirm if still works…Suddenly i cant get mj ipad to connect to server (i checked ip,port,firewall) Everything look ok, but ipad cant connect to remote server on my pc…It woked without hitch few months ago…?

Using as we speak all ok for me

And don’t forget you need fsuipc7 running as well for remote flight apps to work
Ex Tenebris

Yep…i didnt start fsuipc and that was the problem

was searching about this app that i found today, anyone using this? really curious about the cockpit HD and the radio apps. worth it?