Remote-Rendering-Software Client for cockpit pop-out displays

I (and many other home-cockpit pilots) would really like to use the popped-out glasscockpit-display on a remote device.
Sure, spacedesk does the job for any OS.
But unfortunatley popping out the display draws a lot of fps!
In my case up to 15fps or more, which is a lot in some ‘sensitive’ areas.

A remote software that gets the rendering data (not the graphical data!) of the msfs engine and sends over lan to another PC client, who’s only job it would be, to render these data as the flightsim would do.
So the rendering would not draw any power of the main PC; the rendering would be done by the 2nd PC.
Plus the ability to turn off the rendering of the ‘inner’ displays (like it was in the PMDG 737 for fsx/p3d).
This should bring a small/medium fps boost to the main machine in addition!

Before developing a lan-client solution, it could bring some performance boost when turning off the inner displays and using the pop-out windows on another screen - and remember their position and scaling!.
This could be done very easiyl I guess,

So the interim Wishlist is:

  • make the ‘inner’ displays turn off on demand or when popping out
  • remeber position and scaling of the pop-out windows
  • remove window border-elements on demand

Best Wishlist is:

  • MS FS sends cockpit display rendering data (html?) out to a client or works as a server
  • inner displays can be turned off
  • develop a pc client software that connects to the sim and renders the display contens on a 2nd pc (or even a mobile device)
  • free position and scaling of the display-windows
    -remeber position and scaling of the display-windows
  • remove window border-elements of the display-windows on demand

I hope this gains traction although it should help from native multi-monitor support which has more vocal support. This is really niche use, I am playing with spacedesk and having the displays on another screen / moveable is great. If MS / Asobo are serious for the ‘simmer’ they are hopefully working on this already! The FPS impact is there but a ‘simple’ fix would be not to render the virtual cockpit diplays that have been popped-out, seems logical but I guess not the case so far.

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At FSEXPO Honeycomb annouced wireless displays (yes wireless) running on Android screens running Air Manager instruments. A great bit of innovation.

However, the stand showed a 787 cockpit in the 3D view, but Cessna instruments on the wireless displays. Pimp my Cessna?
It looks like SimInnovation need more development work to pull off the PFD and ND displays, but it will be worth the investment and drive a lot of new sales. I’m assuming they allow Air Manager users to buy the 787 instruments.