Remove F/A 18 challenge 4 hour limit

I fail to understand the reasoning to gate the new challenge with a 4 hour minimum non-discovery flight stat.

Some negatives:

  • It lessens feedback/testing about the new aircraft.
  • Lessens exposure to newer users.
  • Lessens possible interest in users that may return to try it out.
  • Generally annoys users who buy it and want to challenge their friends immediately.
  • Appears to be a buggy gate (I don’t have the challenge with 32+ logged hours).


  • Prestige among those that have the requirement?

I do also do not see any way to access this special challenge outside of it magically appearing on my home page.

In your bug report about this challenge missing, to the best of my knowledge, I added a way that you may be able to get it appear:

I, too, wish it was available for everyone on the main menu.

Learn to actually fly people like you just want to come in and try to fly and can’t do it because you have no experience this is made to help you learn to fly this is not a arcade video game it is a simulator

Wow, such flagrant judgement of my character and reasoning for this request. “People like you”. “Learn to fly”.

I recommend you take a step back and think about the purpose of your post with regard to the original topic. Why I bought this game has literally nothing to do with this and quite frankly is none of your business. If you have something more constructive about the actual request I’d love to hear it.


This is not none of my business and this is a community of people that want to share there opinion and I’m just sharing mine and so are you

Please stay focused on MSFS and the topic rather than users. Treat everyone with respect.

  • The Skies are Open for All - Everyone is welcome to Microsoft Flight Simulator regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, or creed.
  • One World, One Community - No matter how you play – regardless of console, experience level, or reason – we are one community of aviation lovers.
  • Follow Your Checklist - Adhere to the set of rules from each community space. Skipping a checklist item can ground a flight quickly.
  • A Pilot is a Pilot - Welcome new pilots to the community with respect, and seek to have positive experiences with your fellow pilots.

Thank you.

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