Remove Ju-52 from traffic

is there any way to remove the Ju-52 (all versions) from the traffic, completely?
I have Live Traffic enabled and generic traffic disabled and every airport is bloated with Ju-52 - not as GA, they’re mostly parked at jetways as civil aircrafts. It looks stupid and is very annoying.


I’m getting Banshees parked here and there, even at gates… I’d say it’s in the coding on the plane where it should be parked and in the AFCAD of the airport, but I don’t believe that has been dealt with yet by the developers.

You can try installing this mod if you want.

whether an aircraft is visible as traffic is coded in the aircraft.cfg file. Since Payware aircraft through the marketplace have encrypted aircraft.cfg files, you’d have to create a mod with an aircraft.cfg that has the AI traffic option deactived.

If the aircraft.cfg is not encrypted you can try to add the stament below for every section of [FLTSIM.nnn]
isAirTraffic = 0

It almost always works


Where is the file located exactly? I browsed the ju-52 directories and couldn’t find them.

I have not the JU-52, and I don’t know what to tell you but in case of A320 this is the path:


as this is in the aircraft.cfg file, which is encrypted in the Marketplace-Aircrafts, you can unfortunately not do that… a limitation of the marketplace-DRM.

Can I just create a mod with an Aircraft.CFC file with just this one entry for disabling traffic ?

What’s wrong with an entire airport populated by JU-52’s with floats attached? :laughing:


no you need to create a complete aicraft.cfg file from scratch. MSFS can only recognise that a new file has been introduced as a mod, and will take this file as the only file that matters. It will not combine information from two separate files with each other.

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Go into Options, General Options, Traffic, and change “Use Generic Plane Models (AI Traffic)” to ON.

Hopefully that’ll work, cheers.

The price tag of this plane.

I guess I’ll do this despite I will miss some variety. I’ll try the mod linked above but a real traffic mod would be cool

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Its still better then an invasion of rubber ducks parked at the gates :wink:

There should be a general option to remove all user/add-on airraft from traffic and leave only generic ones active. I doubt that a multitude of high fidelity models getting displayed at the same time is doing the perfomance and memory consumption any good.


thats not entirely true
there is a way to use the [VARIATION] flag on aircraft.cfg’s and a few other files to ‘append’ rather than replace - meaning you may be able to do something like this …

aircraft.cfg (in a custom mod)
base_container = “…\Microsoft_Junkers_Ju52_1939”

isAirTraffic = 0

you would need a separate folder for each variant in the mod for each of the aircraft.cfg files
if it works that would only ‘change/append’ that specific line
maybe i will look into making this mod later today, i dont think it would be hard to do

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Be nice if we could overhaul the UI and add this option for a drop down menu since it’s encrypted. Same goes for copilot models and any other general edits to the aircraft.cfg

Plus if you edit the base files it will get stuck on update as the signature is incorrect unless you repair the files before hand.

i just made a Community folder mod for this, it removes the ju from being used as AI


Awesome! Thanks!