Remove waypoints from A320 MCDU

Not sure if this needs to be in the student pilot section or not. Having the devil’s time trying to remove a waypoint from the stock A320 MCDU flightplan. Was looking for an answer but didn’t come up with anything. Tried pressing CLR then the waypoint and it just took me to the waypoint info page. Thanks!

Get the flyby wire A320NX version, its free.
Download the development version, it works.
Sometimes, it will do that, you just hit CLR again, and it will remove instead of going to the page.

I’m on Xbox so the FBW is out for me.

  1. press CLR
  2. select waypoint. It will take you to more info page
  3. press CLR again.

Does that sound right?

• Press CLR
• Locate the desired waypoint using up/down arrow (if necessary)
• Press the Soft Key next to the waypoint
• Press the Soft Key next to INSERT

Pressing CLEAR will actually clear (cancel) the action rather than remove the waypoint.

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Perfect. Thanks. It’s a wee bit counter intuitive, but once you learn it it’s not too bad I guess.
I’ve heard it said that the Boeing system is a bit more straightforward?

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