Removed Navigraph - Now No Data

I wanted to compare Navigraph data to the default from NavBlue and removed Navigraph. Now, when I go to the flight planner all that I see are the origin and destination airports. When I re-install Navigraph, fixes, intersections, etc. are all back.

Does anyone know why that would happen?

How did you remove Navigraph?

One can only assume that Navigraph overwrites the NavBlu data. You would need to download the latest AirAC data from NavBlu to get their data back into the sim. I have never looked. Is there anything in the marketplace? Otherwise I guess you would have to try removing the folder and restart the sim to see if it forces a reload. The alternative would be to wait for the next cycle to get the data.

Only guessing here…

I put in Navigraph and will never look back.

I used their app and clicked “remove.” As far as I know, that removes the folder from the Community folder?

Yeah, I might just not worry about it and keep Navigraph.

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Yeah, that should work. Did you restart the sim after?

Or like willis mentioned, after you remove it, check the Content Manager to see if there is anything needing download

You also need to delete the content.xml which will get rebuilt the next time the sim starts I believe. This is from the Navigraph forums official FAQ section. Look for the file here:

Sim from Marketplace:

Sim from Steam:
%appData%\Microsoft Flight Simulator


That was the missing step!

Hope this helps

When there is a navblue update. I always use the Navigraph app to remove their navdata first. Then have the sim update the navblue data. Once that’s done, use the Navigraph installer to install their navdata back.

That way the sim updates the unmodded navdata first and the Navigraph will place itself on top of it. Otherwise the navdata would update on your modded Navigraph and when you use Navigraph to uninstall it also removes the update with it. Which may cause you missing your navdata.

I use the same process. That’s what Navigraph recommends as well.

Thanks, all, for the helpful information!

The NavBlue data is never overwritten. Navigraph is configured as a Community Mod, and will point the sim to the Navigraph database, while leaving the stock sim data (NavBlue) intact and in place.

The strange thing about that is if you do it this way:

  1. Install the navigraph using the installer.
  2. Start flying, all the navdata is updated they look good.
  3. Copy the navigraph-navdata folder from the community folder to outside.
  4. Then use the navigraph installer to remove the installation.
  5. Copy back the backed up navigraph-navdata folder into the community folder.
  6. Start flying.

When I do that, even though I can see the updated navdata as if it was installed using the installer before on the world map, but when I start flying I tend to see some weird things that’s different. Like the ILS identifier is not appearing properly, and some approaches doesn’t match the charts. And this is testing on the same airport on the same approach.

But when I manually delete the backed up folder, and use the installer again to install the navigraph mod. When I start flying the same approach, everything looks good. The ILS identifier is properly shown, the approach matches the charts, things like that.

So using that observation, while the bulk of the mod does come into the community mod. I feel like there’s something else that the installer does to “properly” make the navigraph usable. And just placing or removing the navigraph mod folder without using the installer, it creates some weird issues with and without the mod.

It’s probably a stale Content.xml. That’s why Navigraph calls it out it their FAQ.

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You should not do it this way. Just use the official Navigraph app to uninstall the existing Navigraph data, and use the same app to reinstall it. The link to the location of the Navigraph data has to be placed in a very specific location in content.xml, and the official installer is the only way to insure that entry is properly made.

If you move the Navigraph folder to another location, and then run the uninstaller, it deletes the reference in content.xml. If you then move the Navigraph folder back to Community, it has no content.xml reference, which will lead to all kind of problems. There is no need to “preserve” the Navigraph folder by manually moving it elsewhere. Just use the Navigraph app to delete the existing files, and install a fresh copy.

In other words, follow the instructions

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I know, I was experimenting using those steps to see how it actually behaves. Which brings back to my point, right. If you have Navigraph installed where the installer injects the code into the specific location in content.xml. And the Navblue update also edits the same content.xml Then the integrity of that content.xml would be thrown out the window.

So if navigraph installer makes a backup copy prior to installing the mod for the purpose of being able to uninstalling the mod. Then the installer would need to restore the original content.xml when you decided to use the installer to “remove” the navigraph mod.

Now, if the navigraph was installed “before” the navblue update patch. The backup content.xml that it has would be the version that’s before the patch. Then once the navblue update patch comes it, it edits the content.xml again. Now you have a different content.xml file between in the sim after the update versus the one that’s backed up by the navigraph installer.

So when you uninstall the navigraph mod using the installer, it restores an older version of the content.xml file, which may cause the entire navdata to be missing because it no longer match with the latest navdata anymore. Which is why I said in my original post. That prior to a sim update (just to be safe, any form of a sim update). I always use the installer to remove the navigraph mod, do the sim update. And once I’m done with evertyhing. I install the navigraph mod using the installer again.

Yes, it’s probably best to remove Navigraph before MSFS does an update of the default NavBlue data, and put it back afterward. The problem is that one can never be sure in advance when the default data will updated. Yesterday, (and one previous time), they did the update on the same day the new cycle was released - other times the MSFS update has been several days late.

Well usually when you open the flight sim and it stops to wait for you to click the Update button, that’s usually when you know an update is here. So close the sim at that point, remove the navigraph using the installer, fire up the sim again, click update to download and install the patch. Close the sim again, and then install the navigraph again.

I think it’s pretty hard to miss that it would stop you from going into the sim without clicking the update button at the start.