Removing ground crew from small airstrip

Hi all, I am testing my hand at creating airports (particularly small airstrips to get my feet wet). I have done a pretty major upgrade to a small airstrip and added parking spots among other things. I noticed that I had airport ground crew at the parking spots, and did research on removing them using AirportServices. This all worked, but i ran into the issue where I nuked services at all airports. I have been reading forum posts for weeks trying to get the ground crew removed from just my little strip without affecting anywhere else. I have read conflicting messages about this being a bug and some say that a specific directory and naming structure will solve the problem. I just can’t get it to work. Most posts are 1 or 2 years old. Is there any update on this?

I have found many small airports with parking and no ground crew in MSFS, so I know it is possible.

Basically, I just want parking spots at my little airstrip without a ground crew and without removing ground crew from all airports.

I apologize if this has been answered a hundred times, but I am stuck.

Have you tried that?


I have not tried this. I didn’t even think to look for a mod. I just assumed it was something simple I had to do using the SDK. I will give this a try and see what happens.

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This file could be useful for anyone

if you are working on a small airport, like grass strip, it is unlikely you have workers with full featured tugs

in order to avoid tugs and workers on parking spots, you need to add, in your packageSources, a folder called AirportServices
Inside the AirportServices, add a new folder with the ICAO of the airport you are working on (e.g. LIDL for the tutorials)
inside the LIDL, put the following code in a file called Services.xml

<SimBase.Document Type="ServiceFile">
<ParkingSpace name ="RAMP SMALL">
<ParkingEntry ParkingType="RAMP_GA_MEDIUM"/>
<ParkingEntry ParkingType="RAMP_GA_SMALL"/>
<ParkingEntry ParkingType="RAMP_GA"/>


Than, in your PackageDefinitions.xml, add this code between the tag

SPB false PackageSources\AirportServices AirportServices

compile, and boom, no more workers and tugs in your parkings

, for each parking entry, inside the services you can define what you want
There is no visual editor, should be done entirely in the xml

Thank you both so much for the info, I feel like I am making progress. The only thing is that I am not clear on the above. I found an XML file in my PackageDefinitions directory, but I don’t know what the SPB false PackageSources\AirportServices AirportServices line refers to.

I have an AssetGroup for FL52_Service (that is the airport I am modifying), but I just don’t understand what has to be changed in this xml file.

Thanks for the help!

I’m sorry the forum ate some of the code
This goes into Packagedefinitions .xml

<AssetGroup Name="All_Services">
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Sorry for the delayed response, real life had some curve balls to throw at me.

This was the solution! Thank you both for all your help!

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