Removing Hotas Thrustmaster X profiles in game

Does anyone know how to remove a specific profile in Controls? The specific profiles I want to take out are for the Hotas T/M X where I have 4 profiles other than the default. 3 are wrong set up and I want to get rid of them to avoid confusing myself.

There is a manage profiles button under controls is there not, I am pretty sure there was an option to delete from there?

Moved to #student-pilots category, as no bug was reported.

On the main menu, go to options - control options. Then choose the device and profile (as you would to change or edit a profile). On the lower menu at the bottom of the screen click “preset manager” (or similar). A pop up shows where you can click on the bin to delete the profile. It will ask you for confirmation. It is a little bit hidden but I cancelled my surplus profiles few days ago this way.

That did it. Thanks.

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You learn something new every day. Thanks.

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