Rendering a screen or a texture on a scenery object

I tackled this topic with P3D back in the day and I found it pretty interesting.
I would like to know if it is possible to render a screen on a scenery object, for example: Let’s say I have a billboard, and I want to render a sequence of frames through a pre-scripted C++ or any other language script, let’s say I want to render a billboard screen on a 3D model that lays in my scenery, and I want to be able to control that render pixel per pixel or through bmp textures loading; I read some of the low API SDK docs that explained that this is possible for aircraft gauges without really mentioning 3D objects (scenery) or AI-controlled simobjects that could eventually be controlled through a simconnect app.
Hope I find an answer to my question here, thnx in advance
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Almost a month no answers
Seems like no one knows how to fully use the SDK or if it is even possible to be done, this sim has a great potential but 3rd party developers always have to figure out how to do things relying on their past fsx / p3d experience, it’s sad to see a sim that is constantly changing not providing examples or details on some SDK aspects

No idea about this, but maybe it requires some of the ’ animation features’ ? (sorry, i am a newbie at designing my own scenery 3d objects also)! So far ive created one control tower and 2 hangars ( with great difficulty) in blender

I think you need an MSFS equivalent of the P3D’s PDK Rendering System, which I don’t think is available. With the PDK’s rendering system, textures could be created and referenced elsewhere.

This is an example on P3Ds website of creating a texture.

I believe this is what @Umberto67 uses for the fuel display (Render To Texture - RTT) for the fuel trucks in GSX. @Umberto67 , do you know if the equivalent can be done in MSFS2020?

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Not really sure but you might want to have a look at procedural tectures in Blender?

I want to make it dynamic and to control it with a script ( like a wasm… )


Has anyone discovered anything new for this?