Rendering issues with heading bug and flight path needle

I would like to mention that since the recent major update, there is still a rendering issue with the needle inside the gauge not lining up with the correct flight path. If you are following a flight plan, the needle (aircraft icon) in the map shows it off course and the heading bug is not aligned to the correct heading. They show more at an angle. There is still an issue with the ILS frequency, for example at Bristol airport EGGD (uk2000 add-on) not aligning with the runway as it should. Using real world weather, foggy and rain, I came close to landing on the terminal buildings! The runway was seen on the left! My version is from the Microsoft store and Dev mode was switched off.

have you solved your problem because i have the same problem since the 1.21.13 update. i have 2 or 3 degrees of deviation between the flight plan heading and the hdg and this happens only on airliners.

I haven’t got round to checking it yet. Thanks.