Rendering Liveries for other users aircraft

I use VPILOT when flying on VATSIM. I have a custom .VMR file for DC3 aircraft. Based on the other user’s 3 digit airline code my .vmr file either points to liveries that came with the DC3 (DCDirect, Blue Strip,etc.) or to liveries that I have downloaded from and placed in my Community folder. I will refer to these as "official " and “community” liveries.
Using the drone camera to look at other users’ aircraft I notice:

  • If the distance between the drone and the other aircraft is relatively close all liveries, both “official” and “community”, are rendered correctly.
  • As I move the drone away from the other users aircraft those that are being rendered with “official” liveries will retain their liveries while those that are being rendered with “community” will loose their liveries and the aircraft shows as a pink image.
    Any ideas.
    In the two images below the livery is a “community” livery.

“Pink” textures indicate a missing texture, so I suspect that the community liveries are missing textures for lower-lod models.

You could try to contact the owner of the community liveries or provide details on the liveries in this post to see if other users who have downloaded the same package have a different number / set of files.

Thanks for the tip.
I will find a parked DC3 on VATSIM and run a test for all my community liveries and report back

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