Reno Air Race: Expansion Pack ($20USD) to Full Collection ($60USD) Upgrade

If a user buys the Reno Air Race: Expansion pack for $20USD and later wants to upgrade to the Full Collection. Will there be a $40 upgrade pack or a $20 discount off of the Full Collection that would replace the Expansion Pack once purchased?


No idea, how do you buy it anyway? I clicked purchase and the button just greyed out.

Saying Purchase in progress, but nothing is happening. Purchase pending as a message. Any cashier available on lane 6?

Internal server error 500. Maybe not a good idea to try the marketplace today…

Ill probably be in for $20 sooner if I can get confirmation that I can upgrade to the $60 without spending more than $60 total.

If not Ill wait for more reviews.

None of the individual plane or class packages do anything for me.


I believe there will be an upgrade path but I also recall that Jorg said in a previous Q&A that the most efficient way to buy is to go straight for the $60 pack if you think you’ll want them later.

If it’s anything like the upgrade options from Standard to Deluxe, or Deluxe to Premium Deluxe, it’ll cost you 3 times as much to buy the extra content later :unamused:

I also think you can buy single liveries for $10 each, which is obviously much less efficient but gives you options.

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I can confirm there is a discounted upgrade path for players who initially buy the $19.99 base Reno package and later decide they want the $59.99 Full Collection. I’m trying to get confirmation from the Marketplace team now on the exact amount of the discount for people who upgrade in this manner. I’ve been advised that the best value if you’re considering all 40 planes is to buy the Full Collection from the start as the upgrade path is not an exact dollar-for-dollar discount.


Any pointers on how to buy the Reno DLC?

This is all I get, tried a few times. After restarting the pending purchase resets,

All the reno planes are very rushed and don’t have any sort of system depth. Asobo was really lazy, the autopilot in the p51 shows as inoprative…

Hello all!
How secure is this marketplace, I never bought anything from it?

I just bought the 19,99€ expansion pack. Now I can purchase the “Full Collection” with a discount of 3€ - for 56,99€. wow, makes sense…


if you use Steam you have to enable steam overlay in the game settings, I had the same problem!

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Yep, got the answer somewhere else and it worked in the end. Bit of a lousy user experience (steam bucks to buy fs2020 bucks) but falls right in line with the rest of the sim :stuck_out_tongue:

Bought the $20 set because it was said during the livestream Q&A that there would be an upgrade path where you would have what you previously paid applied toward the full expansion. Well, I tried the $20 set, I like it and now I see that the $60 full set is $57. Not the discount I was expecting based on what was said. Too bad. I think people should have the opportunity to try at the entry level to make sure they like it first which is what I wanted to do before committing the full $60.

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Wow thx for the reports … I was expecting, that you don’t get the full $20 back, but considered around $10 or so, those 3 bugs really are more like a bad joke. Guess if I buy it, then I’ll get the complete pack directly eventually.

Is there any update on this? I bought the base pack with the intention of eventually upgrading to the full collection because the developers stated there would be an upgrade path during one the Q&A’s prior to RAR dlc release. Is this no longer the case?


Here in the new Year 1/3/2022 11:00 am west cost time and the marketplace is still broken!! when I try to Purchase I get a “purchase in Progress” greyed out and no activity! The Marketplace has been like this for several days if not a week! You would think that if the Marketplace is out of service Microsoft would post an acknowledgement! and publish a bulletin.

Has there been any confirmation about how to go about upgrading from the expansion pack to the full collection yet?