Reno T6 Texan: basic package to purchase

Hi members

I am not really interested in the Reno races per se. However, I would like to fly a Harvard in a historic livery that is available from a 3rd party. In my content manager, the basic T6 (T6 Common, North American Aviation) does show up as installed and up to date. However, the aircraft does not show up as available to select when I want to start a flight in the World Map. I SUSPECT it might be because I have not purchased any Reno packages. Could anybody please confirm that?

If correct: what is the minimum I need to purchase? In the marketplace, it shows a “Reno air races: expansion pack”: is this the right package? And, if I buy it, can I add a 3rd party livery to the T6 via the community folder? And can I fly anywhere in the world, not only around Reno?

Lots of simple questions I know! Thanks for your help


Yes, the Reno Air Races: Expansion Pack for $19,99 is the right one. It includes the T-6, P-51D, L-39 and the Pitts. You can fly these airplanes anywhere you want. Adding a third party livery to the community folder shouldn’t be a problem. Providing the livery was created for one of the four airplanes in the base pack and not for one of the complete package. But most liveries are created for the base pack.


Did you purchase the aircraft (by itself) in the Marketplace?

All the aircraft featured in the Reno expansion are available individually in the Marketplace.

I have not purchased any, but I also have a T6 listed in the Content Manager. Prior to my purchasing the Premium Deluxe version of the sim, I had noted bits of content listed for aircraft specific to those versions of the sim I had not yet purchased. Perhaps that is what is going on in the case of the T6.

I bought an individual T6 outside of the package (whichever one has the original cockpit layout), and while I can fly it anywhere I cannot use third party liveries on it because apparently those only work in the base T6, which is really disappointing because I hate the race livery but I want the old school instruments.

Beauty, thanks! That worked perfectly. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? :grin:

I must say I am pretty sure I never purchased the T6. It just happened to be in the content manager but not available to select when you want to go flying. I have no idea why that would be.

That might be so that you can see them when you’re flying around, even if you didn’t get the expansion. If i remember correctly, leading up to the Reno expansion, they said that everyone would be able see the base planes, regardless of purchasing the expansion. I could be misremembering though, so defs double-check me on that!

Similar in my case, I bougnt a T6 package and I’m unable of add liveries.
Also the “Gotcha” variant in my system has pink gauges and no way to solve this problem.

This is utterly strange… As noted before got more than 500 mg on my official one store folder regarding T6 and P51 reno common, that I don´t need or asked for. When removed they will be reinstalled. Any solution?