[RENO] various small issues on nearly all aircraft

Brief description of the issue:
Most aircraft which belong to the Reno DLC pack have minor visual issues I’d like to address over here. In most cases this only is noticeable in free flight and not during races. I will deliver examples by time with screenshots below.
Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:

  • General missing atc type and model designators on most aircraft

  • (“Default Reno Pack”) P-51D - first repaints UI name is not displayed properly

  • P-51A - [FIXED IB SU8]

  • P-51D “Man O`War” - Strobes and landing light EEMESH are not working despite switches as lamps are clickable/represented

also by standard the fuel lever is set to R.H. COMBAT DROP TANK position but fuel is pulled from left hand main tank (drop tanks are not even available). This might be a porting issue from other versions without the drop tank lable.

  • All L-39 versions - lights on the gear shine through the wings as they don’t turn off on retract.

    Also on all L-39 versions it’s not possible to turn off pitot heat again using the two buttons in the cockpit.

  • L-39 “Red Thunder” - white “nav” lights stay in place when the landing gear was retracted

  • L-39 “Drop Bear” - exterior lable issue on the right hand side

  • L-39C “Pipsqueak” - RIOs PFD is white (gauge missing)

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
Load up the aircraft in free flight, above shown screenshots will point the right direction :slight_smile:
Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

additionally there are some GUI / Keybind issues:

  1. GUI
    When doing multiplayer vs races with all helpers off (like “realism” mode), you are not shown your or the other players qualifying times, because that is a gui element switched off.

  2. Keybinds
    even though the reno P-51s are modeled with 2-position mixture levers (orignal aircraft has a sliding lever with 4 detents from idle-cutoff to auto lean, auto rich and emergency rich) the mixture can still be gradually leaned by the keybinds leading to a disparity between cockpit lever position and mixture… if you cut out the engine, you then can´t fix it anymore with the lever.

Also: add fuel keybind should be disabled in race mode but is not…

Microsoft-Asobo, to whom it applies, should fix everything as soon as possible.
As a user, buyer of the $59.99 Reno package, I am not satisfied with the quality of what I received and I will surely not trust the developer so happily again unless I am shown otherwise.


The lighting on the P-51D Miss America doesn’t work. Both cockpit and outside lighting.

I bought Red Thunder today wrongfully assuming these issue would have been fixed long ago.

As you said, the gear lights stay floating beneath the jet at all times. It looks bad. And the jet intake decal flickers because the texture beneath it tries to compete with it. I’d like these issues to get fixed but considering it’s been this long without being corrected I don’t have much hope at the moment, but it’s really hard to understand why corrections haven’t been made after this long. This aircraft is a beauty otherwise.

Gauge shows wrong speed.