Renoir Library Issue

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95% of my CTD have the same root cause : an access violation exception in the RenoirCore library with the Path::Create method triggering a memcpy to a null pointer. Does not seem like a complicated fix.

[0xb] VCRUNTIME140!memcpy + 0x1c4
[0xc] RenoirCore_WindowsDesktop!renoir::Path::Create + 0x1b16
[0xd] RenoirCore_WindowsDesktop!renoir::IRenderingLibrary::Initialize + 0x3bce

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Fly. Wait. Crash. Investigate dump.
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Ryzen 5 3600 | Radeon 6800 XT | 32 GB RAM | Plenty of SSD space
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Microsoft Store
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sound more like an memory issue… tried already disable xmp mode ( mem profiles ) ? some other overclocking ?

Thanks for your suggestion but, every single CTD having a null pointer for the same method call? Unfortunately, stats are not on your side for this explanation.

I have no overclocking. GPU was changed recently to a 6800 XT from a 5500 XT. RAM was increased from 16 GB to 32 GB. All of this changes nothing.

It is clear for me this library has weak spots in it. The sad part is that this is from a 3rd party, not Asobo. I wonder if they put pressure on the provider to fix their stuff…

I can only tell the summary of what we find out in the forum about the VCRUNTIME140 ( and also behind the RenoirCore ) .

It points often, of course not allways :slight_smile: , to issues with hardware ( starting from drivers till real hardware issues ). sometime also conflicting applications.
We can also try to eliminate all ‘reasons’ which we can fix ( and it helps very often ).

For fixing an in-game bug the developers must analyse it, find a solution, implement it, etc… which is not easy for such rare issue.
Beside of these the developers know only about your issue if you create a ZenDesk Ticket and add all possible informations you can get on the ticket. As said… we can only do some discussions… :wink: