Repainters help wanted! I need a specific object in the virtual cockpit translucent


does anyone know how to make a specific object in the virtual cockpit transparent (or even better, fully make it disappear)?

I know that some repainters make freight plane liveries by making the hull windows no longer transparent. How excactly is this done? And is it possible to create the opposite (creating a translucent or even invisible texture inside the cockpit)?

I have tried everything (make transparent texture, make alpha channel black, make alpha channel white, but everything fails) - it ALWAYS creates a light-grey texture of the object that should appear transparent.

Thank you very much for any help in advance! :slight_smile:

My two projects are:
1.) Create a window inside the virtual cockpit furniture of the Cessna Chancellor.
2.) Tint the eyebrow windows of the PMDG Boeing 737.

As you can see in the real Cessna Chancellor this window is not made of black plastic, but is a normal transparent window: