Replacing an existing cockpit for a new cockpit

I would appreciate any help on this that you can give me,thanks

Hi there, On which Aircraft do you need help with?

Hello - could you be more specific in your question please? It’s not clear what you want to achieve.

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well i have a 777 ,a330-900,for one thing,i have a cockpit for a 777 but don’t know what to do with it,thangs for the reply and all the best to you,corcky37

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Is this a Mod for the 777?

this is a plane that i imported tnto msfs

Charles, frankly, this makes no sense at all… :slightly_smiling_face: You really should spend a bit more time on explaining what you want to know.

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what i was trying to find out ,does anybody know how to put in a new cockpit with gauges.i have 3 aircraft
that i put in msfs and they don’t have any gauges,i know how to download gauges but dont know how to install thes,thanks for the reply