Replay Button

Does anyone know why the replay button in my drop down settings menu is greyed out and unseletable?

I am not sure what you mean by “drop down settings menu” (a “drop down list” - also known as combobox - is a well defined user element as described for instance here, whereas a menu is something completely different, either activated via a so-called “menu bar”, or possibly via a context-action - for now I assume you simply meant “settings menu” ;))

Anyway, are you referring to the Developer Mode menu (sic), under “Options”? There is a menu entry called “Enable replay panel”. In case you want to use the (“beta”) replay in MSFS you need to have this option enabled. The replay is then accessible via the toolbar during flight.

Does that help?

Having followed the instructions above and enabled the replay panel in the developer mode menu the replay button remains greyed out on my custom toolbar. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Steeler’s directions worked for me

Just to ask the very obvious: are you in an active flight? I am pretty sure (but have never actually tried to access the repaly functionality e.g. in the map start menu etc. myself) that the replay functionality is only available during an active flight.

P.S. @RoundedPizza754 maybe you want to mark my comment as “solution” then, so others know that there is a solution in this thread :wink:

TVM Steeler, although it seems a bit hit and miss as the first time I tried it after reading your advice it still didn’t work, but then did the second time when I followed exactly the same activation process. No idea how to mark your comment as a solution I am afraid.

Only the topic creator (here: @RoundedPizza754) can mark a comment as solution :wink: (my previous post scriptum was meant for him)

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