Repost, waiting for PA18

Published this 1,5 years ago,

Does anyone know if we will get a PA18 Super Cub, any Third party working on one ?

Maybe now someone knows if we can expect a PA18 anytime soon. Noticed the MRI simulations where planning on one but cant find any information regarding that one

Is this what you are looking for?

That’s just a Super Cub livery on the default Asobo Savage Cub. OP wants a true rendition of the PA-18 for the sim.

Looks like OP going to be waiting awhile longer :slight_smile:

Ok, many thanks
I guess I’ll just go back to waiting then

Flight Replicas are working on an L-4H Grasshopper for MSFS, a military version of the venerable J3 Cub used in WW2. They made a Super Cub package for FSX which came with a ton of variants with different engines, cockpit layouts and floats/skis. Hoping they’ll release MSFS versions of them in the future.