Reprioritize limited RAM to prevent blackscreens

Why does this measure to prevent the sim crashing take out the most important part of the plane? Why not get rid of traffic or photogrammetry or reduce LOD or do anything else instead of ruining the flight? I’d rather just have it CTD, save me some time so I can jump right back in then hold out hope that maybe the screens will come back.

The black screens issue in aircraft on Xbox sounds similar to the old FSX VAS management OOMs that plagued it at the end when more detailed scenery and aircraft came along.

Binning all the nice-to-have objects (AI aircraft traffic, airside vehicles, road traffic, shipping, animals), then flushing the memory is one way of dealing with the issue. Making the sim less reliant on the hardware and more on the cloud is the other. Reading the announcements on MSFS2024, I think it’s obvious which direction the MSFS devs are taking.

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