Reproducible CTD - Again VCRUNTIME140.dll

Hi all !!

No, nothing in the Community folder. With or without addons, the error persists. No systems overclock at all.

Getting the dreaded CTD when passing an exact location, every single time. No addons installed.

Takeoff from SBGO Rwy14 (Brazil) on MOSNA1A departure, with a “not very performing aircraft” (I’ve notice if you overfly the CTD location VERY high, you don’t get the error). Try with the 172. After passing GO014 waypoint, 38.4nm to NIMVA, boom, you CTD. It happens EVERYTIME.

The only noticeable difference is that a few times, let’s say 1 out of 5, the error description in event viewer is grammar.pggmod instead of VCRUNTIME140.dll

i7 4790K / RTX 3090 - MS Store Version


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