Republic Airport (KFRG) Runway Taxi Way construction

This Airport just under went construction to its runway/taxiway (Runway 1-19). It has been moved 500 Feet North. The Taxiway Bravo has also been moved. Any chance in a future update make the correct changes so its more accurate. I know if someone made this a paid scenery it would probably remedy this but even a default level change would be welcome for training purposes. Thanks for taking time to read this request.

Comments welcome. :grinning: Happy Flying My Friends

Ive been hoping for a payware version of this airport since FS5. Even a good freeware version!
I tried to make it once myself for x-plane, but im just not good at this stuff.

Would love to see it given some love!

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right! this airport serves a big role not only in history but travel in the tristate area as well. This airport would be a great project for a dev and could make quite a bit of $$$ just sayin =). Well either way would love to see the default get updated at least since it no longer reflects this airport. Happy simming =)

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so any word if this is gonna be resolved?

Does Bing Maps show the revised construction as complete?

Airport objects are embedded in BGL files and the current approach is Visual Appearance (i.e., Bing Maps) is the Primary Key - meaning whatever it looks like right now is how the runways, etc. are defined in the sim.