[REQUEST] Zooming in VR

I didn’t see anyone else yet talk about this so I thought I’ll make a post myself.

Currently Zooming In and Out seems to be disabled in VR.
We do have that ‘Cockpit Focus’ thing which is pretty cool for doing stuff in the cockpit, but sometimes (Especially on older headsets) it might be hard to see something that’s far away, be it a runway for example.

In X-Plane there was always a cool ‘Zoom Toggle’ function that worked in VR which when pressed would narrow your field of view and make it more easy to see things far away and then when pressed again it would go back to your normal FoV.



Alt-up and Alt-down (arrow key)

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That doesn’t do anything. Probably as I have rebinded all the controls to my liking.
Is it binded to ‘Zoom Cockpit View’ and ‘Unzoom Cockpit View’ by default?
If that’s the case then it doesn’t work for me (Rift S)

Bind a key to the “VR Focus” option. It should have been called VR Zoom, really bad name choice.

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Dont agree that the vr focus should be called vr zoom because it only puts you closer to the panels. The view to out your windows stay the same, no zoom there. I definetly would suggest a high vr zoom if they get the time at some point. That is very nifty for vr. xplane has it and p3d has it.


Since we’re nitpicking about names, I’d call that “Binoculars” instead of “VR Zoom”. :smiley:

+1 This is really needed. Need to be able to zoom in on Taxi way signs so you can read them.


P.S. shouldn’t this go into Wish List?


so… use your keyboard, the very thing you can’t see with a VR headset on. Something hand controllers might have been able to fix. this release sounds clunky as hell.

Believe it or not, a hand controller isn’t any easier to locate than a keyboard when you have a headset on.

With that said, VR headsets aren’t blindfolds. Speaking for the Oculus Rift, you can see things when you need to.


Why on earth can’t we have a simple mouse wheel zoom facility as in the non-vr setup and indeed as there is in XPlane?

It is impossible to setup the MCDU in the A320 without a variable zoom (mouse wheel), as opposed to a button that slams your face into the panel.

I’m sure it will improve with time but right now, this implementation of VR is pretty awful.

A valiant effort certainly but if you want to fly IFR, useless.


Believe it or not ive been vr’n with DCS and X-Plane for years and finding the hand controller is not hard, especially when its shown to you in game.


right mouse button


well, it should be a feature that you can assign a key binding to anything, like the rest of the controls, so you can have it on your VR Controller, keyboard, hotas, mouse or whatever

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I’ve also noticed that when in external view you can’t zoom in either.

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In my opinion this drone thing is a nonsense alltogether. I tried what you suggested, with" translate Drone forward" and “translate drone backward” , I get the plane move away and move closer. If you use " toggle drone", then you also have to use " toggle drone follow mode", otherwise you are in the wrong movie and the plane flies without being controlled. After a while ( a day or so) you might give up.

It only needs a few commands, one that let’s you" move away from the plane" and one that let’s you “move toward the plane” ( these are not zoom commands), and commands that let you" move around the plane", when in" External view mode".

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The one who thought of this freakin’ drone continues to do damage. Now even the vr view lacks a simple control to bring the normal camera closer to the plane. I mapped all the drone controls to the joystick to try it out, but in the end I lost patience and permanently removed them. Drone included.

There should be either a button for momentary zoom, but the zoom should be overall zoom, not just inside the cockpit. With Track IR analogy, it is 6DOF movement in the cockpit vs. zoom (which zooms the outside too, IF you look outside through the window). Look up DCS for example, how it should be done.


I think this is a patent problem, they will have to solve this before they come up with a working solution.