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I think better font scaling would help


No, you have to have a zoom function in VR. Come on folks. Now I really like the cockpit zoom for zooming in on cockpit controls, but in VR especially, one also needs (yes needs) the capability to zoom the outside world to make up for non-retina resolution and enable something at least approaching real-world situational awareness. For example, in real life, when one approaches an airport, there is a distance at which you can see its layout clearly and ascertain its condition and orientation; however, in VR at that same distance its still a blur even on higher res headsets. This means you either need zoom capability in order to give you the capability to simply see what you would be able to easily see in real life, or you should be grounded for not being able to pass the vision test. Other flight sims provide this, and FS needs it too.


I would add…be able to “zoom out” would also be nice to get that nice since of openess with wide field of view when using external view.

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Right mouse does not allow zooming outside of cockpit, for taxi signs etc.

I know this is an older post… . but just wanted to re iterate… yes we need the at least have the ability to zoom the outside from inside the cockpit and be able to read those taxiway signs!.. :slight_smile:


this is accurate.

As someone flying with the CV1, I have to agree. Zooming in VR exists in DCS and Il-2 BoX/FC and it literally is essential in both. And it does work great there.

BTW I guess my Touch controllers are recognized by FS as I do have “Touch Pointer” listed there, but I haven’t been able to map anything to those. Might be WIP though. I’d probably map zoom to the A button then and also to the Context menu key, just as I did in DCS (well, remapping the controller isn’t possible there either, that’s just the default and I’m used to it).

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I believe zooming is necessary indeed. It has been discussed ad-nausea before VR and people arguing in real life your eyes can’t zoom, sure.

But IRL our eyes can discern much finer details than the size of a pixel in a 27" monitor in front of us, even more so if we have to counter-balance the game performance (lack of) in reducing the rendering resolution (TAA scaling). And in VR, it is worse unless you’re using at least a G2 or a Pimax 8KX.

However, please also understand the game is not designed for zooming. It is designed to be seen at 1:1 zoom ratio and this shows:

  • zoom in 2D photogrammetry and you can see low level LOD (aka melting buildings).
  • zoom in 2D terrain and you can see how ground textures LOD are blurry.

However at 1:1 it seems globally “correct” and in fact this is not dissimilar to JPEG compression: it is meant to be seen 1:1 in exploiting the human psycho-visual limitations to compressing images. However zoom any JPEG and you see compression artifacts you wouldn’t see otherwise.

Unless the core simulation is addressing the LOD problems first, I wouldn’t expect a useful zoom feature either:

LOD: settings and suggestions

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I agree. In the Bonanza it feels like there is not enough room inside the airplane for the left shoulder and arm. Like sitting in an undersized plane.
Likewise its like there is not enough room for a grown person in the right hand seat.


You might want to read this then:
Cockpit Size and World Scale in VR

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I agree with you 100%. For this reason I have to keep POI on. I cant see most bush fields till I am almost on top of them.

After a few weeks I get what u mean but the zoom in zoom out inside cockpit helps but the mouse wheal zoom would be better.

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Devs, is this something that is on the roadmap? As a VFR, VR pilot, this is one of my most wanted features. It’s something that I heavily use in all other sims.


i know this is something different but additionally i would love to have this implemented too…

How about the option to SCALE view in VR like it was possible with FSX and Flyinside to individual preference and to help by this way to have some " sitting in a too small looking cockpits" bigger again … .
This was possible just by mapping 2 keys… (±). (Once set you ll probably leave it for most planes )

I don’t see either of these suggested anywhere in the thread and they are both very usable solutions to not being able to zoom in VR. I use both, plus the focus, and I’m totally happy with how it’s working for me.

1 - set up some custom instrument cameras pointed at the things you need to see often at a distance you can read them - I set up one pointed at the gps/fmc, one at the overhead, a couple on different angles at the pedestal, plus whatever else I need. Changing to the custom cameras leaves me looking straight at the gps, then I can cycle through the others, then pop back out back to where I was. Has to be done for each plane but we had to do that with chaseplane anyway and we tend to stick to our favourites so not a big deal.

2 - You can’t zoom the VR cockpit camera but you can move it. I use a hat switch to translate the cockpit camera left / right / backwards / forwards which I use all the time, and the easily found arrow keys to increase and decrease the cockpit view height which I don’t often need, and when I’m done if I don’t want to put the camera back manually I just reset the position. Works brilliantly, especially to slide across to the right seat to look out of that window :slight_smile:

Hope this helps someone.

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I agree a zoom function Is sorely needed for VR, like the one DCS has. Reading runway and taxi signs Is impossibile now.


I really don’t understand how simply being able to change the distance between the observation point and the aircraft can be a problem. The coordinates of the point of view are one of the most important variables that you define in a mathematical model. And the functions that allow to quickly switch between the absolute coordinate system of the model and the relative system of the observer are the most important processing functions that the developer must create. This suggests that this simulator is based on a mathematical model created by others, of which the current developers have little control. Unless they have just some serious problem with geometry and trigonometric calculations. But if this is the case, every further request is useless.

I was wondering something along the same line when in response to:

[BUG/FEATURE] Cockpit Size and World Scale in VR - Virtual Reality (VR) / VR Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

The Q&A is saying this:


Where at least the minimum solution to this is:

  • a UI slider value
  • a matrix multiplication to the eye matrices returned by OXR

Completely agree with SebastianShain, Razor189447, Gildahl, rp198419, N696RF, Celestia5862688, lynhoffenmeyer and SirFaultyBot above and with CptLucky8’s Feb 3, except for the ‘not designed for zooming / melting buildings / blurry ground textures / compression’ parts. Toggle Zoom is a completely basic requirement in VR at its current state of development. It will continue to be, until VR headsets achieve Retina resolution. Inexcusable that such a simple and essential function is still not implemented in FS 2020. CptLucky8’s melting buildings / blurry ground textures would only result from zooming in too much / too far. Approx 2x or 3x max magnification (or whatever DCS and IL2 Sturmovik BoS are doing) should be enough. We only want to zoom in far enough, to momentarily compensate for the low resolution of current VR techology. In addition to practical issues like identifying airports from afar and reading taxiway signs, VR Toggle Zoom like in DCS and IL2 BoS eliminates the immersion destroying sensation of ‘needing eyeglasses’ caused by the low-res VR environment. This customer is ON STRIKE from buying addons in Marketplace, until this feature is added! :wink:

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